5th Annual Baja Culinary Fest 2015

Event: 5th Annual Baja Culinary Fest 2015: A Taste of Countryside and Sea
Location: Tijuana Cultural Center CECUT in Tijuana, Mexico
Date & Time: October 8-11, 2015
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Baja California Fest is a gastronomic feast to honor the regional cuisine, and will serve as a tribute to the products of Baja to boost domestic consumption and promote (through workshops and conferences) the concept of farm to table. It will also bring awareness to the benefits of Baja California endemic products, as well as support sustainable consumption initiatives such as Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch project. There will also be “pairing dinners” in different restaurants throughout the city with all the chefs invited to the festival coming together to cook a special dinner for the guests.
Showcasing the best products and culinary offerings of Baja California’s robust countryside and bountiful seas, the fifth edition of the Baja Culinary Fest is a four day festival open to both the culinary industry and public throughout the Southern California and Baja California regions.  It will be held on Oct. 8-11 at the Tijuana Cultural Center CECUT, where guests may enjoy the culinary and cultural heritage of Baja California through conferences, workshops, exhibitions, competitions, and private dinners and tastings, making it a one-of-a-kind culinary festival. Featuring 50 renowned chefs representing Baja California, visitors will get the opportunity to sip and savor their way through distinctive gastronomic regions of Northern Baja and experience intimate access to its most prominent creators, restaurants and chefs of the Baja California culinary movement.

Baja Culinary Fest 2015 highlights include:

On Thursday, Oct. 8 the festival will begin with a gala dinner highlighting the Pioneers of Baja California cuisine, will recognize some of the great trailblazers of the Baja culinary movement and those who have made history with their iconic restaurants. The honorees are: Leopoldo Borquez, Bol Corona; Cesar Cardini, Caesar’s; Livio Santini, Caesar’s; Fortino Cabrera, Coronet; Adrian Pedrin, La Costa; Humberto Brambila, La Especial; Juan José Plascencia, Giuseppis; Natale Matteotti, Matteottis; Rafael León, Palacio Imperial; Felipe Pavlovich, El Rodeo; Mariano Escobedo, Tillys; Ricardo Martínez, Tortas Ricardo; and Carlos Villegas, Los Panchos.

On Friday, Oct. 9 the Festival kicks off with a keynote lecture “Resource Optimization Model for the Food Industry” by Edgar Núñez, chef and co-owner of SUD 777, voted one of the best eateries in Latin America by the magazine The Restaurant. Nuñez is also considered to be one of the founding members of the Mexican Association of Food Trucks.

On Saturday, Oct. 10 Monterrey Bay Aquarium’s “Your Choices Make the Difference” conference will present initiative updates on the aquarium’s Seafood Watch project. This seminar will be a call-to-action focusing on the production, responsibility and sustainability of seafood consumption.

On Sunday, Oct. 11 attendees will enjoy a panel titled “Dialogue Between Grape Producers” with special guests from Napa Valley and Valle de Guadalupe. Another highlight will be special conference “Veracruz: The Port of Culinary Fusion” by Chef José Burela. Chef Burela, born in Puerto de Veracruz, is a pioneer, scholar and great supporter of the culinary arts and director of the Culinary Graduate School Le Chef College, who has led the traditional Veracruz cuisine on an international level.
Intimate pairing dinners with leading Baja California chefs will take place at restaurants throughout Tijuana and outside of the Baja Culinary Fest schedule on Oct. 7, 9 and 10; pairing dinners are individually priced. For the complete Baja Culinary Fest 2015 schedule and daily or packaged ticket prices, visit BajaCulinaryFest.com.

Participants continued: Chefs Adrian Herrera, Edgar Nunez, Abel Hernandez, Darren Walsh, Poncho Cadena, Jose Burela, Dante Ferrero, Daniel Ovadia, Jorge Udelman, Amy Finley, Denisse Roa, Carlos Salgado, Eduardo Ruiz, Ray Garcia, Wes Avila, Mathew Beaudin, Alberto Cancino, Biana Castro, Dennise Zamudio, Luisteen Gonzalez, Elsa Fernanda Flores, Esteban Luis, Giannina Gavaldon, Giovanni Brassea, Hermila Corbala, Humberto Aviles, Iker Castillo, Ilean Padilla, Jordana Salas, Juan Pablo Ussell, Manuel Brito, Manuel Rubio, Marco Rodriguez, Maribel Villareal, Mario Peralta, Martin San Roman, Nancy Leon, Rodolfo Luviano, Ruben Silva, Nadya Fernandez, Lety Otamendi, Pily Vidales, Jose Ochoa, Edgar Garcia, Victor Hugo Rodriguez, Alejandra Ramirez, Pedro Jose Roman, Ulises Aguilar, Luis Torres, Francisco Javier Cuevas, Antropologa Raquel Torres.

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