Don’t Miss Crave! NW | July 11-13th

CRAVE! NW is the Inland Northwest’s premier food and drink celebration – dedicated to uplifting the Pacific Northwest’s culinary scene.

Presented by the City of Spokane Valley, CRAVE! NW is the largest culinary event in the Spokane area. This year, the outdoor 3-day food festival is showcasing the creative talents of visionary chefs and tastemakers from around the region while highlighting the flavors of the great Northwest. Each night has its own theme – Comfort Food, Foods from Around the World, and Fire & Smoke. This is all highlighted by 45+ chefs, 20+ local producers. 12+ breweries and cider houses, 12+ wineries, and live music. 

What to expect:

July 11 – Night 1: Comfort Food 

Thursday night is our comfort food showdown featuring modern versions of down-home cooking with our chefs putting on their twist to compete to be the best of the best. Also be on the lookout for square dancing, line dances, and cowboy hats during our country-themed dinner with live music. This will be a night to be remembered.

Chefs to look forward to during Comfort Food Showdown:

  • Ken DuPree
  • Rudy Valesquez
  • Patrick Dams
  • Mary Parker
  • Dan Gleason
  • Kandra Evans
  • Brittany & Eric McGraw
  • Will Sandage
  • Lucas Chavez
  • Tony Reed
  • Jesse Verduzco
  • Travis Schuller
  • Lauren Lawless
  • Kayla Robison

Check out all the incredible vendors here.

July 12 – Night 2: Foods From Around the World 

Friday night highlights Foods From Around The World and your chance to skip the TSA line and take your taste buds on an international adventure.  You will be entertained with live music and taste some of the best food from regional & national chefs in addition to amazing beer, cider, wine from our region!

The celebrity chef for the night will be none other than the visionary of CRAVE! NW himself, Chef Adam Hegsted. You do not want to miss out on what Hegsted will bring to the table. 

You also get to look forward to tasting some of the best beer, tastiest cider, and finest wines, from around the nation, every night of the three day event.

Here are the chefs to look forward to during night two of CRAVE NW:

  • Ryan Thornes
  • Emy L. McNosky
  • Travis Dickinson
  • Kadra Evans
  • Felipe Hernandez
  • Will Sandage
  • Tony Brown
  • Phil Green
  • John Wilson
  • Travis Schuller
  • Chad White
  • Nick Liberato
  • Lauren Lawless

Check out all the incredible vendors here.

July 13 – Night 3: Fire & Smoke

To wrap up the Inland Northwest’s premier food and drink celebration, we are going out hot! Add Tribal dancers, drummers, beer, cider and wine, you can most definitely expect a night you will not forget. Your taste buds will thank you after experiencing foods smoked, cooked, and seared over the fire while sipping on beer, cider, and wine from the best breweries, cideries, and wineries from around the nation. 

Chefs to look out for during Fire & Smoke:

  • Joel Bostic
  • Justin Patterson
  • Will Sandage
  • Derek Wolf
  • Will Torres
  • Travis Schuller
  • Brian Duffy
  • Kayla Robison

Check out all the incredible vendors here.

The Visionary: Adam Hegsted

The man behind CRAVE NW is chef and restaurateur Adam Hegsted. He is the proprietor of Eat Good Group, which owns and operates 11 restaurants in the Northwest. Hegsted started Crave NW with area partners because “I wanted to have Crave help be a catalyst for the continued growth of our food community, showcasing chefs, producers, wineries, breweries, and restaurants.”

Chef Adam Hegsted is a culinary leader and business visionary in Spokane. He has left, and continues to leave, his mark on Spokane and beyond through his dedication to changing the restaurant world. 

Tickets for the Inland Northwest’s premier food and drink celebration are going fast! Don’t miss out on this culinary experience and dine with some of the top chefs, greatest breweries, tastiest ciders, finest wines, from around the nation. Your taste buds will thank you!

Join us July 11th-13th at CenterPlace in beautiful Spokane Washington!

Even More Crave!

This year, Crave is expanding its reach and adding two more events in Lynnwood Washington, and Billings Montana! Both nights will feature the crowd favorite “Foods From Around the World”, as well as local breweries, distilleries, wineries, tastemakers, and more.

Photos courtesy of Crave!