Arc Cardinal brands, Chef & Sommelier and Arcoroc, are sponsoring a series of Food Dives around the nation to showcase their newest tableware collections in action on a culinary journey.

Chef’s Roll hosted their first Food Dive with Arc Cardinal in March, 2018, in Chicago, exploring the newly renovated Arc Cardinal Showroom and enjoyed some wine before heading to Lincoln Park where BOKA Restaurant Group took us on a culinary journey to 3 of their famed restaurants: Swift & Sons, Momotaro and GT Fish & Oyster.

Now, we’re going to Austin, to indulge in a specially-curated night of fine dining and drinking!

The evening of Monday, July 23rd, we’ll be beginning our journey through Austin’s culinary scene at Swifts Attic, for a cocktail hour followed by a sit-down tasting. Our next stop will take us to Wu Chow for even more culinary gratification. Finally, a trip to Fixe will cap the evening’s festivities.

If you are an Austin-based chef, we’d love to have you join us. A very limited amount of spots are available, but if you are interested and free that evening, please email Thomas Keslinke to express interest!

For a glimpse of what you’re getting yourself into, watch the video below from Food Dive Chicago, read more in our recap from that event, and check out Arc Cardinal Facebook page to see all the photos.

Finally, if you’re interested in Chef’s Roll hosting a Food Dive in your city, fill out this form.

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