The Chef’s Roll team was invited to the LA Food & Wine 2015 After Hours parties by our partners at Chef Works.  There was great food, wine, and chefs getting down on the dance floor.  Our signature #rollwithus sign was a crowd favorite and we ran into a lot of our members and supporters from around the country, including Chef Markus Glocker and Chef Elizabeth Falkner. Congrats to all the chefs that won tickets to the parties as well as Chef Works aprons and chef coats via our live Instagram giveaways. The After Hours parties were also sponsored by Stella Artois, Chef & Sommelier glassware, and Pura Vida Tequila.

After Hours Party VIP ticket winners: Oscar Villanueva, David Bowles, Steven Papa, Dennis Bernardo
Chef Works Boulder Apron winners: Pete Moore, A.J. Lambden
Chef Works Dorset Apron winners: Amanda Saab, Bao Truong
Chef Works Springfield Chef Coat winners: Denise Geller, Abriann Ramirez
Chef Works Rockford Apron winners: Richie Farina, Ryan Peters