A Night At The Mansion

What sort of night would you have if you were to gather some of the best Chefs at the former Versace Mansion? A night of camaraderie, mind-blowing food, and a little debauchery.

On Monday, June 26, 2017,  Chef’s Roll hosted  twenty-three of the Best Chefs at The Villa Casa Casuarina, formerly known as the Versace Mansion, in Miami for “A Night At The Mansion”.
James Beard Award Winning Chefs & Nominees came together, shared their influences and collaborated with one another to create dishes for 125 lucky invitees. Fine wines were provided by Montesquieu to accompany the seven different food tables, plus a Murder Point Oyster spread.

For a more in-depth write up, check out what HuffPost had to say about the “party of the century.”

Here’s what some of the guests had to say:

“Chef’s Roll event at the Versace Mansion was a truly memorable moment for all of us in the industry. We felt celebrated as chefs, but most of all we all came together as people that care about our craft, our narrative and the love of making this planet a better place…one mouth at the time.”
Dominque Crenn — Two Michelin Stars, Worlds Best Female Chef 2016

“The event was one of a kind, the setting in the Mansion was unlike any event I have been a part of and there is no other team like the guys from Chef’s Roll. The quality of Chef talent really made it special. Cant wait to see what they put together next year.”
Brad Kilgore — JBF Semifinalist, “Rising Star Chef of the Year” 2017, 2016

“Nothing like bringing me up to speed with what the most talented young American chefs are thinking and doing than my Night at the Mansion with Chef’s Roll.”
Jeremiah Tower — “The Last Magnificent”

“When I received the phone call from Thomas Keslinke regarding chefs cooking for chefs at the Versace Mansion in Miami, it didn’t take long for me to get excited about this collaboration. It is unique to see how Chef’s Roll takes new and fresh approaches to bring chefs together, while also setting the stage for innovative ways of impacting the hospitality world. I am looking forward to the next exciting event that Chef’s Roll has up their sleeve.”
Markus Glocker — 1 Michelin Star / James Beard Foundation “Best New Restaurant” 2015

VIP Guests

Dominique Crenn
Two Michelin Stars  •  Atelier Crenn
“The World’s Best Female Chef” 2016

Jeremiah Tower
The Last Magnificent

Markus Glocker
One Michelin Star  •  Bâtard
James Beard Foundation “Best New Restaurant” 2015

Award Winning Chefs

David Bancroft
JBF Semifinalist, “Best Chef: South” 2017, 2016

Michael Gulotta
Maypop  •  LA
JBF Semifinalist, “Best Chef: South” 2017, 2016

Kelly Fields
Willa Jean  •  LA
JBF Nominee, “Outstanding Pastry Chef” 2017
JBF Semifinalist, “Outstanding Pastry Chef” 2016, 2015

Giorgio Rapicavoli
Eating House  •  FL
JBF Semifinalist, “Best Chef: South” 2016, 2015
JBF Semifinalist, “Rising Star Chef of the Year” 2013

Brad Kilgore
Alter  •  FL
JBF Semifinalist, “Rising Star Chef of the Year” 2017, 2016

Adam Evans
Star Chefs “Rising Star Chef” 2012

Kevin Nashan
Sidney Street Café  •  MI
JBF “Best Chef: Midwest” 2017
JBF Nominee “Best Chef: Midwest” 2016, 2014
JBF Semifinalist “Best Chef: Midwest” 2015, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2009

Isaac Toups
Toups Meatery  •  LA
JBF Semifinalist “Best Chef: South” 2017, 2015, 2014
JBF Nominee “Best Chef: South” 2016

Javier Plascencia
Jazamango  •  MX
Former – Bracero Cocina de Raíz
JBF Semifinalist “Best New Restaurant” 2016

Jason Dady
Tre  •  TX
JBF Semifinalist “Outstanding Restaurateur” 2012

Slade Rushing
Brennan’s  •  LA
JBF Nominee “Best Chef: South” 2017, 2016, 2015

Steven Greene
Herons  •  NC
JBF Semifinalist “Best Chef: Southeast” 2017, 2016

Cynthia Wong
Butcher & Bee  •  SC
JBF Semifinalist “Outstanding Pastry Chef” 2017, 2016, 2012, 2011

Erik Niel
Easy Bistro & Bar  •  TN
JBF Semifinalist “Best Chef: Southeast” 2017, 2016

Jesse Houston
Former – Saltine
JBF Semifinalist “Best Chef: South” 2016

Karen Akunowicz
Myers & Chang  •  MA
JBF Nominee “Best Chef: Northeast” 2017, 2016, 2015

Steven McHugh
Cured  •  TX
JBF Nominee “Best Chef: Southwest” 2017, 2016

Alex Harrell
Angeline  •  LA
JBF Savoring the South 2015

Chad White
Zona Blanca  •  WA

Jamie Simpson
The Chef’s Garden  •  OH

Participating Chef Exclusive After Party on the Roof of the Mansion

with Chef Roy Villacrusis preparing a spread of Ōra King Salmon and charcuterie.