Puerto Rico Meets NYC

Host: Meets NYC
Date: Wednesday, September 30 – Sunday, October 4, 2015
Time: Varies by event
Location: Various restaurants in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Harlem –New York City
Ticket Information: Tickets go on sale on August 13th on www.meetsnyc.com
Join us for Puerto Rico Meets NYC, a unique food and wine festival celebrating the bounty of Puerto Rico and featuring an impressive cast of participating New York and Puerto Rican chefs.

About Puerto Rico Meets NYC:

Puerto Rico Meets NYC (PR Meets NYC) will take place in New York from Wednesday, September 30 – Sunday, October 4 and will encompass a series of multi-day, multi-format events that celebrate the bounty and beauty of this Caribbean island’s culinary legacy. By shedding light on the Puerto Rico’s best chefs, the rums, and the accompanying food and travel intersection, Puerto Rico Meets NYC will give this sunny destination the epicurean respect and exposure it deserves. Tapping into the deep network of Nuyoricans inhabiting New York City and surrounding, as well as food world interest resulting from recent media spotlight in such esteemed publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, this idyllic commonwealth is ready for a turn on New York’s culinary stage.

About Meets NYC:

The Meets NYC concept aims to both entertain and educate a NYC audience on the culinary legacies of destinations around the globe. The first event, Baja Meets NYC (2014), was a multi-day, multi-format culinary salon that brought five Baja winemakers and three Baja chefs to New York City for a four-day program of wine tastings, paired wine dinners, and cocktail parties and saw a marriage between local and visiting chefs and restaurants, wine and spirits, and tourism boards.  The second, Puerto Rico Meets NYC takes place in October 2015.