Taste Asia 2015

Taste Asia 2015—The largest and most diverse Asian food festival in North America, coming June 26 and 27—is a celebration of the deep culinary arts of Asian and Asian-inspired cuisine. It’s where Asian cuisine meets the crossroads of the world.

Set in Times Square, Taste Asia is New York’s premier outdoor food festival—and more. Taste Asia chefs, including master chefs from around the world and some of New York’s finest, will showcase their abilities using Taste Asia’s trademark fully equipped outdoor kitchens—wowing the crowd and live television viewers. They will focus on ingredients and recipes that span across Asian countries and cultures. A host of Asian and Asian-inspired restaurants will be onsite to provide tastings, and a live stage featuring Asian cultural performances will round out the experience. The resulting celebration of Asian cuisine serves as a bridge connecting not only those countries, but also East and West, through the love of food and culture.

It all began humbly seven years ago in a Chinese restaurant on Manhattan’s Park Avenue, when New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television hosted the first International Chinese Culinary Competition. Since then, over 500 Chinese master chefs from around the world have come to New York for a chance to become the best. In 2014, NTD partnered with Epoch Times to produce Taste Asia, where the International Chinese Culinary Competition’s quest for the best Chinese food chef continues to be a key element.

Today Taste Asia is the largest Asian food festival in North America and the only live-cooking event at Times Square. The Taste Asia 2015 includes a two-day food festival (June 26-27), a day of Asian and Asian-inspired cooking and cultural performances (June 26), the grand finals of the 7th International Chinese Culinary Competition (June 27), and two affiliated Taste Asia banquets at James Beard House (June 28).
Epoch Times is an international media organization publishing in 35 countries; in Manhattan, it offers the Epoch Times and Epoch Weekend newspapers, and the Chinese-language Epoch Times. NTD Television is the largest Chinese TV network in North America, broadcasting through cable networks and around the world via satellite.