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by Ali Bouzari

Ingrediant CoverThrough this lively, engaging, and accessible guide, renowned culinary scientist Ali Bouzari shifts our focus from secret ingredients to the secrets of Ingredients. One of the leading experts in culinary science—a chef, consultant, and scientist who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, from Thomas Keller to Daniel Humm—Bouzari paints a portrait of each of the fundamental building blocks of food, giving all cooks a way to visualize and respond to what’s really happening in the pan.

Ever been blown away by a wonderfully fragrant dish? From soup and mashed potatoes to French toast and barbecue, lipids act like glue to stick aromas to your food. Is a batter too thin or sauce not clinging correctly? The best bets for thickening any liquid are carbs and proteins, which we can find anywhere from a bag of flour to a roasted garlic clove or a piece of braised meat.

Ingredient isn’t a book of recipes, nor is it a definitive treatise on the science of the kitchen. It’s an illustrated guide to visualizing and controlling food’s invisible moving parts, regardless of your skill level or how you like to cook.

This book teaches you the personalities of the Ingredients, where to find them, and how to put them to work. To pick up a copy and find out more about Ali Bouzari please visit, or check out his recent TEDx Talk below:

“Ingredient is a book I wish I had as a young cook, one of those resources that I believe will help not only the new generation of chefs for years to come, but also any home cook who picks it up. This is a remarkable book, approachably written, with a wealth of knowledge that anyone who enjoys food or cooking can learn from.” —Daniel Humm