Cédric Barberet

Chef Cédric Barberet Culinary Ambassador for Cacao Barry  and Pastry Chef/Owner Barbaret Bistro & Bakery in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Recognized as a leader within the world of pastry, and awarded membership to Académie Culinaire de France in 2011, Cacao Barry recently named Cédric Barberet as the newest member of its international Ambassador Club. In his new role as an Ambassador, Barberet, a celebrated French-born pastry chef, will collaborate with other pastry chefs and chocolatiers to influence the world of pastry through his innovation, artistry and technical expertise. With this appointment, Barberet proudly becomes one of only 12 Cacao Barry Ambassadors located in the United States.

Cacao Barry

Congratulations on your recent appointment at Cacao Barry. What does being Culinary Ambassador for such a storied brand mean for you?

First, it is a great honor for me to be part of such a big name brand chocolate and be able to access the high-quality ingredients that Cacao Barry has at its disposal. I am looking forward to blending the different components and flavors with the proper balance of traditional and modern techniques.

What responsibilities will the role at Cacao Barry encompass?

To collaborate with other pastry chefs and chocolatiers to influence the world of pastry through innovation, artistry and technical expertise. And to be able to share, as well a learn, new ways of making and creating these goods.

How would you describe chocolate in five words?

Flavor, texture, aroma, origin, expression.

Do you have a favorite item that you like to pair with chocolate?

Yes, brandy-based spirits such as Grand Marnier, whisky or dark rum are some of my favorites to pair with chocolate. I also like to pair with fruit puree too, but a combination of all three works just as well!

Where do you find inspiration for new designs or new products?

With the fashion industry (colors, design, shape), and also what is happening in Europe, France, Spain and Italy. All these countries have their unique style, which is always a little different to what we have here in the US.

What are the defining features of French pastries?

It is the fundamental techniques that are used throughout out the process of making desserts.

In your opinion how is the best pâtisserie achieved?

By creating pastries that arouse and surprise the tastebuds by combining the finest ingredients with precise execution. I believe this is an essential factor if we are to ensure the evolution of our profession.

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