My Chef’s Roll Profile Changed My Life

Chef Adrian Cruz was one of Chef’s Roll’s original members and has seriously reaped the benefits of the networking opportunities the Chef’s Roll platform provides. At the time, Adrian was an executive chef at a retirement home in a border town in Texas. Through his Chef’s Roll profile he was able to show the world his skill at artful plating and creative use of ingredients. Adrian’s profile attracted sponsors and event coordinators alike that gave his talent and passion the exposure it needed to take his career to the next level. Adrian now reps Ergo Chef, Chef’s Life Apparel, and Knife & Flag. “With Chef’s Roll I got to be part of events like the Latin Food Fest and Chef Showdown in San Diego, far from my little town in Texas.” The icing on the cake really came when Adrian’s talent was noticed by Isabel Cruz (no relation), chef and owner of the Isabel Cruz Restaurants group. After discovering him through she recruited him to helm her new restaurant in Mountain View, CA.

Adrian Cruz is a self-taught chef who, like many chefs, was inspired and intrigued by working with food from being in the kitchen with parents and grandparents. His penchant for gastronomy manifested at the tender age of 12 when he was able to work and train at various restaurants across the Rio Grande Valley. Adrian incorporates numerous worldly traditions in his work, adding seasoning and techniques drawn from Asia, Mexico, Europe, and the Mediterranean.

CR: What is your favorite cuisine to cook?
Adrian: Fusion Asian, Latin and International cuisine with a twist of molecular gastronomy

CR: How did you discover Chef’s Roll?
Adrian: A friend of mine asked me if I’d heard of Chef’s Roll and I said not yet, but I wanted to find out who they were. BAM! I started liking their social media posts and I saw it as a good way to advance my career, so I joined and my adventure began. I was one of the first chefs to become a member and build a profile. I thought, “finally a website for chefs with a passion to showcase their talent!” I love Chefs Roll, it’s the best way for chefs to get exposure and find new opportunities.

CR: How has Chef’s Roll benefited your culinary career?
Adrian: Chef’s Roll benefited my culinary career by pushing myself to another level and making a name for myself. A lot of great opportunities happened to me and my career because of Chef’s Roll. The more Chef’s Roll grows, so does my culinary career and passion for the love of cooking.

CR: Any Career advice to tell our global audience?
Adrian: Never give up, be humble, push yourself to learn new techniques every day, and have passion for your work and art. If you’re happy and dishes come out beautiful and bright, you’re doing something right. Remember, show the love and give it your best, presentation is everything. 

Learn more about him on his Chef’s Roll profile.
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