Featured Chef: Edgar Buhrs

Sponsored by Trusted Veal

Edgar Buhrs was born in Amsterdam, capital city of the Netherlands. He is a Dutch culinary trained Chef,with 30 years of experience and has cooked all styles. From simple French brasserie food to Michelin leveled establishments. Chef’s Roll is honored to hear from Chef Edgar about his story and experience, and why he prefers cooking with Europe’s “Trusted Veal” from the Netherlands. 

  • When did you first know that you wanted to be a chef?

At the age of 11 years I decided that “Cheffing” was my thing. 

I come from a butcher’s family that has been trading for over two hundred years.  But I thought that only focusing on “cold meats” was not completely my thing. In Amsterdam, I was at catering college for eight years. After that I worked for over thirty years in many restaurants and hotels at a high level in the Netherlands, France and England. I cooked all styles, from simple French brasserie food to Michelin-level cuisine. 

Thirteen years ago, I became a freelance Chef. In addition to my other culinary projects, I act as ambassador for Trusted Veal from Europe. 

  • What were some of the most important lessons you learned during your career in restaurants?

During my training I learned that discipline, craftmanship, knowledge, taste and respect for your profession are key factors to become successful. 

  • What current projects of yours are you most excited about?

The Trusted Veal campaigns in Japan and North America are very exciting projects. Even though we can’t travel at the moment, we are still finding ways to promote this wonderful project in the format of webinars. 

When it is possible again, I will be travelling the world to give presentations for potential customers at exhibitions, embassies, restaurants, wholesalers and supermarket chains. 

  • How did you become an ambassador for Trusted Veal? 

I have been working with veal for many years. It is since I became a freelancer that I specialized in this wonderful product. Veal has always been a product that I like to work with. Also, it fits perfectly well in a healthy diet, for it is lean and very versatile to work with. 

  • What sorts of safety and quality standards are a part of the Trusted Veal?

In order to ensure that veal is completely safe for consumption, a series of measurements are implemented to track the products back through each stage of the production chain. Furthermore, in addition to being an essential part of the European Union’s food safety policies and its “Farm to Fork” approach, the “full traceability concept” also responds to customers’ right to know how their food is produced.  

In order to guarantee safety and quality throughout the production process, there is an Integral Chain Management and Control program. 

  • When bringing veal onto the menu and choosing a provider, what are some of the traits that chefs should look out for to make sure they get veal of the highest quality?

From a chef’s point I would say, there is veal for every style of cooking. 

Choose your cuts wisely for your different presentations. Ask your butcher always for the best quality. Your success depends on your basic ingredient. 

The whole “Controlled Veal Chain” should be shining from your plates. 

Do your research on the internet where to find the best quality Trusted Veal from Europe. Get in touch with your colleagues Chefs. 

  • Why do you think that veal is growing in popularity?

Veal is characterized by its high quality, tenderness and excellent flavor. The uniquely fine structure of our veal makes the meat noticeably tender and versatile when it comes to preparation. 

In general, veal is easy to digest and low in cholesterol. Veal is rich in vitamins, such as vitamin B1, vitamin D, protein and iron. Veal is a lean meat, low in sodium. So really, it just fits well into a health and well-balanced diet. 

  • Having had such a rich career so far, what are some developments in the culinary industry that excite you to see?

Food is a daily routine for everyone. On television, social media, in books, magazines our profession as Chefs has been noticed. From young to old everybody is now focused on cooking. Especially in this time with the restrictions due to the Covid-19 virus. It is wonderful to notice that there are so many people with a passion for food. 

Everybody in his own capacity, from boiling your first ever egg, to trying to compete with your favorite restaurants signature dishes. 

To learn more about Trusted Veal and how to add it to your menu, check out their website!