Featured Chef Samantha Etienne

Chef’s Roll was thrilled to feature Samantha Etienne as a winner of our Center Stage program at the MAPP Restaurant Reset Conference 2022.

377 amazing women in culinary applied to Center Stage, and Samantha was one of four chosen to receive an all expense paid trip to the event and be introduced to prestigious female mentors like Mary Sue Milliken, Tanya Holland, and Emma Bengtsson. Along with the other winners, Samantha was given the opportunity to let her skills shine at our showcase on Monday night. Check out the video below to see her incredible dish!

After the event, we asked Samantha a few questions.

Tell us about your journey so far!

My journey so far has been a rollercoaster, but nothing in life worth having comes easy. I am beyond thankful for everything I’ve been through and have overcome. My experiences have molded me into the woman and chef I am today.

Who have been the most important mentors for you? What have you learned from them?

My most important mentors are my mom, aunt Mimerose, Chef Day, Amethyst and Chef Tanya Holland. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from them, but most importantly I’ve learned that – no matter what room I step into – to be my most organic, authentic self; show up and show out, and to let my voice be heard.

Kvarøy Arctic salmon tartare with scotch bonnet emulsion and mango puree, garnished with salmon roe and chile oil served with cassava chips by Chef Samantha Etienne, plated on Fortessa Tableware

Tell us all about your experience with Center Stage and the MAPP conference.

My experience with Center Stage and the MAPP conference was nothing short of amazing, filled with fun and good energy. It’s truly been a one-of-a-kind experience, and I’m blessed to be given the opportunity to be in these spaces. Being able to be around some of the most prestigious chefs in the world is everything that a young chef like myself could ask for. The people that I’ve met, as well as the knowledge and experience shared with me, is something that I will look back on and use for a lifetime in my career. I especially enjoyed being able to meet three other amazing women chefs, and be able to connect on a personal level about our lives and experiences in the kitchen.

Chefs Sarah Betcher, Soojin Lim, Samantha Etienne, and Tanya Jimenez in Chef’s Roll Apparel coats at the MAPP Conference