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Blue Circle Foods

Blue Circle Foods

Founded in 2005 by four food enthusiasts with a shared conscience, Blue Circle Foods brings a revolutionary spirit to the oceans with its bold mission to change the diminishing seafood landscape. Uncompromising in their demand for traceability, animal welfare and food safety, Blue Circle does business with the deepest respect for the world’s natural resources, their partners and for the fish-loving generations of the future. Designed to change fishing for good, the Blue Way approach provides seafood that is good for you, good for the planet and great for your taste buds.

Arnarlax farm site with open-net pen system in the beautiful Icelandic fjords.

Farmers & Fishermen

From working with family farmers in the pristine Arctic water of Norway to independent native fishermen from the Maldives who fish line-caught tuna from the heart of the Indian Ocean, Blue Circle is dedicated to protecting the delicate balance of our oceans’ ecosystems to keep the world’s fish stock thriving.

As pioneers in innovative aquaculture, we protect the environment and foster growth of wild fish stock. This is our mission and our passion. Seafood that is good for you, good for the planet — and great for your taste buds.

The Product

Selling only products of the highest quality, the healthiest nutritional value and the most delicious taste, Blue Circle products include: Kvarøy Norwegian Atlantic Salmon and and Icelandic Salmon from Arnarlax, Skipjack, open-ocean line-caught Maldives Yellowfin Tuna, in addition to Atlantic Cod, Pacific Swordfish, Bigeye Tuna, Monchong, Opah, and Smoked Atlantic Salmon. You can check out the full product list here.

Blue Circle salmon is rich in antioxidants and omega-3 — and incomparable in flavor and texture.

Pioneering Fish-Farming Techniques

Kvarøy is Blue Circle’s farm partner in Norway. Committed to offering high quality salmon without compromising the environment or the welfare of the fish, the salmon are raised in open-net deep-ocean, low-density pens. Each pen is filled with 2% fish and 98% water to make sure the fish have plenty of room to swim. This creates lower stress on the fish, improves water flow, minimizes benthic impact and reduces the chance of illness for the fish. Check out the video below for more information.

Blue Thinking

Blue Circle Foods
Today Blue Circle enjoys a sterling reputation as a first-rate supplier of both fresh and frozen seafood to leading chefs, artisan retailers, and select or exclusive distributors. Follow Blue Circle on Twitter and Instagram. Please click here for recipe inspiration, visit or call (202) 232-5282 for additional information.