Chef’s Roll announces a new partnership with the Master Chefs’ Institute

It gives us great pleasure to announce the formation of a new, dynamic partnership between Chef’s Roll and the Master Chefs’ Institute. This partnership will offer current and future clients their full-service quality verification and product recognition in addition to our wide-reaching marketing and social media approach, photo and film production capabilities, and a chef community of over 2 million followers across our various platforms.

Chef’s Roll is becoming the industry leader for producing and providing brand and product awareness to chefs and foodservice professionals worldwide. We do so through curated, in-house designed programs, allowing our audience to be educated on innovative and top-quality brands, products, ingredients, and equipment. With the power of film, storytelling, and social media, our content is seen by an in-demand target audience of millions, including chefs, foodservice operators and consumers.

Behind the scenes of the Master Chefs at product testing

We are always challenging ourselves to work with and feature the best products and ingredients. It’s an essential reason we’re a trusted source of culinary content for so many professionals. Now, through this partnership, it will be more efficient than ever for us to identify and work with the best of the best partners and brands.

The Master Chefs Institute promotes stringent standards of quality, as symbolized by the Seal of Excellence.

The Master Chefs’ Institute – Promoting Standards, Not Just a Brand

Ferdinand Metz launched the Master Chefs’ Institute in 2004 after his 21-year tenure as president of the Culinary Institute of America. Chef Metz earned his MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and received the James Beard Lifetime Achievement award as well as the Gold Plate of the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association. He is a legend in the industry, who once led the US culinary team to three consecutive World Championships in the Culinary Olympics.

Certified Master Chef Ferdinand Metz

The criteria that the Institute applies in their testing start s with evaluating product quality, performance and claims measured against Master Chefs standards. Certified Master Chefs embody highest professional standards represented by only 74 Master chefs in the United States.

The Institute test itself is rigorous and systematic, evaluating a product on anywhere from 140 to 4,000 test points. Products are compared to Certified Master Chef standards or against competitors, considering factors including taste, texture, aroma, applications, versatility, and product claims. Results are compiled into a full report, with more in-depth analysis and metrics than the product manufacturers themselves usually possess. 

A Seal That Means Something

Qualifying products are eligible to receive the Master Chefs’ Seal of  Excellence. It’s not just an award, and it’s definitely not for sale, it needs to be earned. A recent consumer survey showed that 89% of respondents were influenced to purchase products that displayed the seal.

The seal isn’t just a one-time thing, it’s a commitment to maintain the standards of quality. Products that qualify for the seal can display it on packaging, in advertisements, media platforms and brochures based on a customized licensing agreement, usually lasting for 5 years .

Chef’s Roll – How we got here

Chef’s Roll was founded in 2014 as an online platform for Chefs and culinary professionals to advertise themselves online and put their best foot forward in a competitive industry. Within two years, we had built the largest online community of culinary professionals in the world.

As we grew and learned from our audience, we realized that people in the industry were not just wanting to promote themselves, they were eager to learn about the ingredients, brands, and tools that their peers were using to innovate and take their skills to the next level. We began to put more time and energy into creating original content and hosting events to connect chefs with exciting products.

Today, we have the largest audience of any social media platform dedicated to people working in and around the culinary industry. We have thousands of chefs participating in online cooking contests and attending local culinary events around the country. Our community grows day after day.

This new partnership between Chef’s Roll and the Master Chefs’ Institute will supercharge our ability to continue identifying and working with only the highest quality products. Look out for more content featuring MCI-approved products coming soon. 

Finally, if you’re a brand interested in learning more about the testing process and services, check out their website: