Do you ever ask yourself “Where has my seafood been? When was it packaged? Shipped? How sustainable is it in reality?”

Because conscious eaters need conscious growers, CleanFish was founded with a clear idea in mind, to provide its customers with the best possible picks from the sea. Founded in 2004 in Northern California, CleanFish is a sustainable seafood wholesale company that focuses on bringing sustainable seafood to your table.

King Kampachi

With more information available everyday, consumers are more involved and engaged when it comes to what they put in the bodies. The questions consumers are now asking have gone far beyond healthy and organic. The consumer now wants to know if their food is sustainable, and they have the right to ask that question. While the seafood industry might get “fishy” when it comes to its practices, CleanFish is prepared to answer that question in the most transparent way.

Named a “Responsibility Pioneer” by Time Magazine, CleanFish is a social-minded entrepreneurial company that cares about the future of aquaculture and the impact it has on the ecosystem. CleanFish sees sustainability not as a box to be checked but as a continuous goal in the rapidly evolving field of aquaculture. As a result, they work diligently to ensure their product comes from the best sources and that it is up to standard and at the cutting edge of sustainable fish farming. They strive for transparency and a sustainable future by forming strategic partnerships. Partners like Aquna Murray Cod, Nordic Blu Salmon, and King Kampachi which are leaders in the industry.

Nordic Blu Salmon

CleanFish brands are more than a tracking number, they are traced back to people and sustainable practices because that is what CleanFish stands for, quality you can trust and trace. When clarity between producer and consumer exists, it forms a stronger bond and CleanFish strives for that. Each company has traceable procedures that ensure the consumer knows when, where, and how the fish was handled during production. CleanFish is “fish you can trust, a difference you can taste”.



Nordic Halibut


Loch Duart Salmon