Featured Company: Forever Oceans

Sustainable Delicious. Forever Oceans.

Forever Oceans was founded in 2014 by a group of technology specialists and business leaders who wanted to address the global food security crisis without destroying the planet.

Innovative Technology

The Forever Oceans technology platform allows the company to move fish production further offshore into deeper water than has ever been done before at a commercial scale. The open net pens are fully exposed to all of the forces of the open ocean, and Forever Oceans makes full use of the assimilative capacity of this environment. Everything done on the technology front has been in service of the company mission to sustainably address food security. This includes systems that allow workers to interact with all of the farm systems remotely, essentially having total awareness of all of the conditions on the farms at all times. Forever Oceans will be producing super high quality fish, and the team has total control over that quality from the fish egg to the sashimi on your plate.

Endorsed by Chefs

In 2020, Forever Oceans established a Culinary Board with 26 prominent chefs that were dedicated to the mission of providing high quality, sustainable seafood. The chefs are working with Forever Oceans to provide educational resources, product development ideas, sustainability insight, and original recipes that are utilized to inform the public about aquaculture and the “Forever Oceans Difference”, as well as make seafood more approachable.

The bi-weekly Ocean Raised Podcast presented by Forever Oceans was also created, which features Host Chef Rick Moonen, also known as “The Godfather of Sustainability”, sitting down and interviewing celebrity chefs, including Chefs Jacques PépinAndrew ZimmernEmeril LagasseDean Fearing, and Norman Van Aken, with much more to come.

Sustainable Seafood

At Forever Oceans, the mission is to provide nourishing, delicious, and sustainable fish to consumers around the globe through innovation. The company is always focused on setting the bar higher in order to take economic, social, and environmental conditions into consideration when producing its product, and takes pride in being fully transparent about what the fish are fed and how the fish are monitored. They strive to ensure that customers know that every time they buy a Forever Oceans fish, they are proud knowing that they are purchasing a premium product and that they are making an eco-friendly decision that is beneficial for the oceans and the planet.

For media inquiries and/or more information, email fish@foreveroceans.com.

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