Featured Product: Bayonne Ham

What makes a ham a ham?

There are the standard components, of course: pigs, salt, air and patience. Bayonne has these ingredients down to a science. But more than a science, they’ve elevated their production to an art, with their famous red logo that represents hundreds of years of tradition, an inimitable gustatory profile, and a Protected Geographical Indication status that guarantees nothing less than the highest quality.

Keep reading to learn five features of Bayonne ham that chefs should consider when looking to add it to their menu!

Production – To qualify for production, pigs must be born and bred in the Southwest France and fed with natural products. Even the natural salt from Salies-de-Bearn used in the curing of Bayonne ham is PGI-labelled, 100% natural, pure and rich in oligo-elements.

History – The history of Bayonne Ham production is what sets it apart from other hams. True to tradition, Bayonne Ham has retained its authentic medieval signature: hams are still branded with the “Bayonne” seal and the traditional Laburu Basque Cross.

Gustatory Features – A brand can make all sorts of claims about the fidelity of their product, but perhaps the most important thing that a chef must consider is: “How does it taste?” Thankfully, Bayonne’s products are characteristically “Melt-in-your-mouth” tender and moderately salty. The harmonious union between the freshest meat and natural salt gives Bayonne Ham, a truly unique and distinguishing flavor.

PGI Label – Bayonne Ham earned the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status in 1998, a label that guarantees the quality and geographic origin of a product. The ham is so inherently special and inimitable that it must come from Southwest France to be called that way.

Guarantee of traceability and transparency – Bayonne Ham producers’ philosophy is based on the complete control of the entire production cycle, from animal feeding to the distribution of the product. Every step along the ham’s journey to your dinner table can easily be traced down.

With all these qualities, it’s no wonder that Bayonne hams are considered a top choice for chefs around the world. To learn more about how to add their products to your menu, please visit their Facebook page.

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