If you’ve ever stayed at a luxury hotel, or accepted a drink while flying first class, there’s a good chance you’ve used MY DRAP products, whether you knew it or not. With over 100 years in manufacturing, MY DRAP is a family owned factory and family-run operation that innovates, creates, and supplies cotton napkin products to the hospitality industry all over the world. Founded with creativity, innovation, and sustainability at its core, MY DRAP products have become a staple in the world of hospitality as they constantly create and provide new solutions for customers in the industry.

The History of MY DRAP

MY DRAP’s commitment to innovation in their products began over 100 years ago, with Texia, the 5th generation family owned and operated textile factory in Barcelona that creates MY DRAP’s cotton products to this day. Originally, Texia was a typical textile factory that focused on doing finishing for the fashion industry. However, when much of that business began moving further East, they didn’t shut down like other factories, but came up with something that was DTC and involved less labor to manufacture. Until this point, stitched seams were what was used to ensure fabric edges wouldn’t fray. But they developed a “seamless” technology that was able to fuse the fabric together instead. MY DRAP continued their problem solving innovations, developing other technologies like non-absorbent cotton and the ever popular non-slip fabric bottoms. In 2019, MY DRAP opened the North American factory direct office – spearheaded by brother and sister duo Shalom and Pearl – that has since serviced some of the top hotels in the continent. To this day MY DRAP continues to redefine what something seemingly as simple as a napkin has the capacity to be. 

Quality, Sustainability, Luxury

MY DRAP’s 100% cotton products are like no other: luxurious, seamless, high quality, and extremely functional. They are Standard 100 Oeko-Tex certified and can be found in some of the best luxury restaurants and hotels across North America. Each product can be uniquely customized with logos, branding, and more – allowing a simple napkin to be much more than tool,  but also a valuable part of the guest experience. Not only do these products feel amazing and look stunning, but they’re also biodegradable and environmentally friendly. MY DRAP has always been at the cutting edge of sustainable manufacturing processes. Their dedication to sustainability is an integral part of their mission constantly deliver the best possible products. MY DRAP takes great pride in the quality of every single one of their cotton products always committing themselves to the highest possible standard of quality-control and workmanship. 

Famous MY DRAP Products

  • 100% Cotton Single-Use Hand Towels 
  • 100% Cotton Single-Use Non-Slip Amenity Mats
  • 100% Cotton Single-Use Pre-Folded Napkins
  • 100% Cotton Single-Use Coasters


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In Response to COVID-19

Napkins, place mats, and now….masks! MY DRAP is a company of solutions, constantly fulfilling the ever shifting needs of the hospitality industry. This is true of MY DRAP now more than ever in the wake of COVID-19. Since the beginning of the pandemic, they have been working to create the perfect mask using 100% cotton and their fabric technologies. These masks are protective, comfortable, and washable so you can continue to use them for as long as you need.


Check out this video and visit MYDRAP.com to learn more about how MY DRAP can serve your operation! You can also find them on Instagram at @MYDRAP_NorthAmerica.

To request samples, please email Shalom@mydrap.com


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