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Vitamix Commercial

5 Reasons Why Every Kitchen Needs One

“Vitamix, to me, it’s pretty much a no-brainer… When we open up restaurants, it’s in the top 5 things you have on a list… You have to have it. It’s a necessity.” – Brian Redzikowski, Kettner Exchange

Practically everyone knows Vitamix Commercial as the maker of their favorite commercial kitchen blender, but many are unaware that the company offers a few specialized products beyond the base model that can help take a kitchen to the next level. Their product line is minimal, but that’s part of it’s beauty. A small collection of tools that offer a wide range of solutions. Here’s a couple of the products you might not have known about yet. If you’re looking to take your kitchen’s equipment to new levels in 2019, these tools are a great way to do it.

  • The Quiet One – If your kitchen is exposed to the front of house in any way, if you need to do any prep in earshot of customers, or if you have any frozen drinks on offer at your bar, this one is  a must-have. Noise-reduction tech, 6 programs, and an expanded capacity are just a few of the features this device boasts.
  • Vita Prep 3The newest model of the classic commercial Vita Prep model is ready to rock. It’s got more power than ever, plus a larger cooling fan to keep things running smoothly. If you you’ve been using the same blenders for a few years now, it might be time for an upgrade!
  • Aerating Container – Capable of fitting onto both The Quiet One and the Vita Prep 3 as well as other bases, this must-have module is optimized for creating emulsions, culinary foams, whipped cream, meringue, and more.

In case you’re still on the fence (Or just need to convince your co-owners to invest a little extra cash), here’s 5 reasons why Vitamix has maintained its status as the industry’s gold standard line of blenders:


This one is first for a reason. Vitamix Commercial products just work, and they keep working. While competitors often lead with appeals to individual components like being cheaper or having more horsepower in their motors, Vitamix makes a more practical claim: you can rely on their products to do exactly what you need them to. It’s not just talk either, it’s backed up by a 3-year motor base warranty, no matter how intensively you put your blender through the motions.


Vitamix blenders offer an all-in-one, intuitive solution to a wide variety of kitchen needs, able to easily transition from chunky salsas to smooth purees with ease thanks to both user-friendly manual control and the pre-programming options on many devices. It can handle hot and cold liquids and gives you the option to reduce food waste by combining under-utilized ingredients into unique and delicious blends.


It doesn’t matter if you want to blend, chop, heat, homogenize, grind, emulsify, cream, purée, infuse, muddle, whip, or juice, with Vitamix you can use their precise controls to dial in recipes that will turn out consistently even across multiple devices.


Power is only really useful when it’s under control. Every element of a Vitamix commercial is finely engineered to empower you, whether that’s by blending something as tough as a chunk of raw ginger, or gently pureeing more delicate ingredients. Furthermore, while each of their products offers incredible versatility, their complete lineup expands the possibilities even further. For instance, the Vitamix XL can handle up to 1.5 gallons at a time and comes equipped with a 4.2 horsepower engine, making the toughest challenges a piece of cake.


We’re all always pushing ourselves to do better because of a passion for excellence, and it’s that same passion that’s driven the Vitamix commercial team to keep creating and refining a product that won Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine Best in Class award for 9 years running. Vitamix commercial is not solely a team of engineers either. Their corporate chefs don the apron every day to put their devices through the motions, innovate, and take notes upon notes of how they can do even better in the future.

If you’re interested in bringing Vitamix into your kitchen, or expanding your current lineup of products, check out their website for even more information and inspiration.

For more inspiration, check out how Brian Redzikowski of San Diego’s Kettner Exchange uses Vitamix Commercial in his restaurant!