Baja Nautilus Oyster

Baja Nautilus oyster (Crassostrea gigas) are farmed by Ostricola Nautilus in San Quintín, a coastal town on the west coast of Baja California that is well known for its seafood farming. Native to Japan, this species of Pacific oyster is also known by its common names Japanese oyster, Miagi oyster, immigrant oyster, and giant Pacific oyster.
The oysters of San Quintín require a purity and richness of water that is found at only a few other locations on the West Coast, most notably in British Columbia and Washington State. The area’s cool water is so clean that it supports more than a dozen aquaculture operations that raise about 20 million oysters a year.
The farming of Crassostrea gigas is almost totally passive and harmless to the environment, since the oysters feed only on plankton brought in by the tides and they require no supplemental food, antibiotics, fertilizers, or any chemical additives at all.
The Baja Nautilus is a clean tasting, full-bodied medium to large oyster with semi-firm texture. A harder shell results in fewer flakes, while a deep cup houses a supple liquor and ocean-fresh brininess that lingers through a sea grass finish. This oyster is great for a half shell presentation, and its high salinity is best balanced with citrus and/or heat-based spices.

  • Average size: 3 1/2 – 4 inches
  • Average weight: 3.8 oz / pc
  • Average per bag: 2.86 lbs / 12 pc

Content and photos courtesy of Catalina Offshore Products.
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