Boneless Eye of Loin

Meaty leg of lamb and the elegant rib racks might be perennial menu  favorites, but getting to know cuts from other parts of the animal can vastly expand your cooking repertoire. Whole loin makes a good roasting joint or can be cut into individual lamb loin chops, while individual portions of trimmed loin fillet can also be pan-fried and served pink.

Double Loin Roast
”This is a great preparation for family style service, if served whole. You can stuff this with a wide variety of stuffings and herbs, so it is really versatile that way (much like the classic pork dish, porchetta). If you don’t wish to serve it family style, it can easily be cut into single sized portions. My favorite preparation is to tie it with herbs, cornbread stuffing and then liberally season the skin with salt and pepper. Roast to medium rare and serve with pan drippings”. – Corporate Chef Adam Moore at Meat and Livestock Australia.

Loin Roast

Loin Noisettes & Medallions
The tenderest cut of all, loin of lamb thinly sliced and drizzled with rosemary-scented pan juices is light yet succulent. Cooked quickly on the grill or under the broiler, they develop a caramelized crust and a pink, juicy center.

“Treat both of these cuts as you would a beef filet mignon or strip steak, as they are quite lean. Quick, high heat cooking methods are best, finished with a flavorful sauce or served on their own. My favorite preparation for these are to season them with salt and pepper, grill over live fire and brush with a sweet and spicy gouchujang and honey sauce.” –Corporate Chef Adam Moore, at Meat and Livestock Australia.

Loin Noisette
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