Easy Sauce Hacks for Signature Sauces

Minor’s Classical Reductions Reduced Chicken Stock

Sauces are what help turn a recipe into a signature menu item. Think about it: What’s a Benedict without hollandaise, fish-and-chips without tartar, veal
scaloppini without Marsala? A good sauce can define a classic and create a new specialty.
Certainly, sauces confer an elevated culinary image and help support premium pricing. And according to Technomic, signature sauces can drive traffic, especially for Gen Z and Millennial consumers. In fact, the foodservice research firm reveals that 49% of Gen Z and 52% of Millennial survey respondents agreed with the statement, “I’m tempted to order an item if it comes with an original sauce or ingredient I can only get at a particular restaurant.” (1)
But original sauces can be challenging to develop and execute, especially in kitchens with limited staff resources or culinary skill. That’s where a product like Minor’s Classical Reductions comes in. This foundation reduced chicken stock offers speed-scratch convenience and robust, authentic roasted-chicken flavor to finishing sauces and recipe builds alike.

Use Classical Reductions to make a quick, scratch-quality pan sauce for a la minute preps by searing off proteins and then finishing them right in the pan with the sauce. Or use it like a traditional glace to build a rich, thickened demi-glaces, gravies, and rich stocks, which are especially well-suited to high-volume and banquet operations. And both the pan sauce and the demi can be customized with the addition of flavor builders such as fats (including olive oil and duck fat), wine or other liquids, aromatics, vegetables, herbs, and seasonings.
For example:

  • Serve chicken, veal or a sturdy fish such as swordfish or salmon with a classic Piccata sauce enriched with butter and flavored with onion and garlic, white wine, lemon and lemon zest, capers, and parsley.
  • Pair roast chicken, Cornish game hens or a steak with a complex Chasseur sauce incorporating shallots, garlic, tomatoes, mushrooms, white wine, and tarragon.
  • Chicken breasts and fish or shellfish are highlighted by a flavorful lemon and white wine sauce with aromatic shallot and garlic or a delicate herb sauce showcasing fresh chervil, parsley, tarragon, and chives.
  • Deglaze fond from cooking pork chops or chicken with aromatics in a pan sauce with orange juice, port wine or vinegar and swirl in heavy cream or whole-grain mustard for depth of flavor and a luscious texture.

Minor’s Classical Reductions also can be used by the spoonful to fortify grain dishes, vegetables, soups, stews and braises, risotto, and other complex recipes. In the tradition of classic stock-making, this gluten free product is made with real chicken stock, and contains no preservatives or artificial colors. Its rich, savory flavor and gelatinous glace texture can be used in a variety of ways to elevate menu items to signature status.
For more information and application ideas, download the Classical Reductions sell sheet and Inspiration Matrix.

(1) Source: Technomic Flavor Consumer Trend Report (2017)