The Grass(fed) is Growing All Over

Health-minded concepts like Canyon Ranch aren’t alone in seeking grassfed options. Better-burger chains to steakhouses have been going grassfed in recent years, too. And at retail, sales of fresh grassfed beef have doubled every year from 2012 to 2016, even as overall beef sales have dropped. Whether the reason is avoidance of added hormones and antibiotics, or an active pursuit of natural, sustainable or humane choices, the demand from guests is real, and it’s resonating with chefs as well.

“We are a health and wellness resort, so we use grass-fed beef exclusively. It is lower in saturated fat and higher in omegas and CLA. Overall it’s just a much better choice for our guests and for the quality of life of the cattle.”

 – Justin Morrow, Executive Chef, Canyon Ranch Resorts

“Serving Aussie grassfed beef allows us to have variety and offer something beyond the standard cornfed product. And most importantly, it’s delicious!” 

– Andy Arndt, Executive Chef, Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa

Another advantage to Aussie grassfed beef is its versatility – look at what these three chefs did with it! With a high-quality, consistent product, a full range of applications are possible, from Ryan Peters’ tartare to an all-in indulgent Ribeye Duo from Jason Fullilove, to an herb-crusted flat iron from Alex Espinoza.

“The Aussie beef had surprising marbling for a grassfed product. It had a rich, deep flavor on its own, and was super tender. When I learned how it was produced, I understood why! What the animals eat gives them that flavor.”

– Chef Alex Espinoza, Peju Province Winery

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