Reinvent Compound Butters for Unique and Crave-Worthy Creations

The French had it right with the creation of compound butters back in the early 1900s. Paired with everything from proteins and vegetables to potatoes and bread, sweet and savory variations of the coveted compound butter have been adding instant appeal to plates in restaurants for generations. Though simple in concept, the combination of rich and creamy butter mixed with various high-impact flavors proved to be a winning partnership that would stand the test of culinary time and reappear throughout the years in an array of contemporary ways.
The trick is to begin with a stable base. Enter the creation of Minor’s Culinary Cream. Made with real dairy, xanthan and guar gum, it functions as a binder with superior thermal stability that allows you to prepare ahead, chill or freeze recipes with no loss of flavor, texture or consistency. The stabilizing qualities also keep custom creations—including compound butters—from pooling and disappearing to the bottom of a warm serving dish. A true culinary conundrum solved.
Once a stable base is in place, the true fun begins—the flavorful reinvention. Use a mix of fresh ingredients or take an equally flavorful and simple route with ready-made flavor combinations like any of Minor’s Ready to Flavor Bases or Concentrates. From seafood and vegetable-inspired to roasted garlic, chipotle lime and more, there’s a blend backed by the flavor your one-of-a-kind compound butters crave.
Just let your imagination take you away. Create a mouthwatering filet topping with this unique lobster butter recipe featuring real, tender lobster taste or pull a little inspiration from one of the pleasing pairings found below and prepare to impress your patrons one plate at a time.
Compound Butter Inspiration:

  • Citrus-Tarragon
  • Smoked Paprika-Jalapeno
  • Spiced Brown Sugar
  • Orange-Mint
  • Lemon-Parsley