Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect slice of life on earth than at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles. Whether you’re seeking a moment of rest in paradise or an invigorating and luxurious getaway, you’ll find it here. What may surprise many who are unfamiliar with the region is the bounty of fresh and flavorful cuisine influenced by the Creole flavors of the area.

Located in the south of Mahé island, the resort is nestled into the hillside overlooking Petite Anse bay, which is often referred to as one of the most beautiful in Seychelles. Like an amphitheater, the horseshoe-shaped bay frames the sunset each evening, offering guests a prime seat to watch the daily nature show, whilst fruit bats soar above the trees and tropical fruit and flowers burgeon in the jungle-rich hillside.

The Resort’s 67 luxuriously appointed villas and suites are nestled discreetly amongst the foliage facing the azure blue Indian Ocean waters and only moments from the beach. The award-winning Le Syel Spa sits proudly at the top of the hillside with unparalleled views of the landscape, whilst three restaurants and two bars offer contemporary dining experiences to suit the tastes of worldly travelers.

Cuisine of The Four Seasons Seychelles

The Seychelles is made up of 115 islands off the East African coast. It is a deeply multicultural society with a unique creole cuisine that incorporates flavors from Europe, Africa, India and China. Despite the challenges that tropical islands can introduce when it comes to food production, there is no shortage of fresh, local ingredients like avocados and curry-pili, a fragrant curry leaf that is generally smaller than the Indian version. Fresh seafood is also a mainstay, with an abundance brought in daily by local fishers.

Although many restaurants throughout the islands have begun to cater only toward more mainstream global palates, the Creole tradition is kept alive at Four Seasons Seychelles. The poolside restaurant, Kannel, offers daily specials at their Petite Anse Fish Counter and introduces diners to modern Creole cuisine for lunch, making local favorites with a twist. Guests can also take part in an interactive “Griyaz Creole” beachside barbecue experience; choosing their own meat, seafood and vegetables before grilling their food on a ceramic grill, right on the sands of Petite Anse.

Beyond these local flavors, the options are expansive, including ZEZ with its inventive Asian izakaya plates shared family style at a perch high in the hills. There’s also KOI, offering an intimate, traditional Japanese omakase. Down on the sand, you won’t want to miss Steak Shack, where high grade meats and vegetables are expertly prepared over charcoal.

All to be shared

The man behind the magic is head chef Apostolos Dimou, recently brought in after a successful stint at Four Seasons Hotel Beirut. He feels right at home in his new digs. “Greeks are like the Seychellois, we believe in a full table with lots of food and all to be shared.”

“A citizen of the world” is how Apostolos describes himself as he explains that his creations are flavors that speak to all of the palate. Hailing from the Mediterranean, where a splash of olive oil, salt and pepper is all you need to enjoy the fresh catch for the night, he realized the power is in the array of flavors. “I want to give guests a culinary experience where they appreciate the flavors of the produce we use. Pure, clean and organic – with what I like to call a fusion touch. The fusion part is where the meal is an experience.”

Staying and dining at Four Seasons Seychelles is an experience. No doubt. But there’s no reason it needs to only be a once in a lifetime experience. Come for a visit, and you’ll certainly be excited to return one day for more.

All photos used with permission by Four Seasons