French Countryside Cooking

Inspirational dishes from the forests, elds and shores of France

Multiple-Michelin-starred Daniel Galmiche presents a fresh approach to French cooking. Taking inspiration and ingredients from meadow and orchard, from field to forest, and from river to sea, each recipe takes authentic French rural classics and elevates them to sophisticated dishes, full of flavour and easy to create at home. French cooking centres around one maxim: start with quality ingredients, and the resulting flavour and freshness of the dish will shine. Daniel shows how to showcase the humblest of ingredients, with tips on how to source them sustainably and seasonally. Starters, mains, sides and desserts are organised by the origin of their key ingredient. From the meadow, gather flowers for a dandelion, wild thyme and lemon cake. From the farmyard, make use of a chicken carcass to create a beautifully clear and nourishing broth. Or from the sea, create a stunning scallop soufflé with mushroom and tarragon cream. With short ingredients lists and straightforward guidance on how to perfect chef-level techniques such as dehydrating and sous-vide without the fancy equipment, this book will allow you to master innovative French cuisine and reduce food waste with simplicity. This is a new and updated edition of the classic Revolutionary French Cookbook, with a timely emphasis on sustainability and responsibly-sourced ingredients.

“In this book, Daniel shows who he really is and where he comes from…I have huge respect for the man and the craftsman, his talent, his passion, his style of cooking and also the love he has for the produce, for nature and his peers. A man of my own heart.” – Raymond Blanc

“Daniel’s cooking style shows respect for both tradition and innovation, mixed with enthusiasm and curiosity about the whole gamut of ingredients. In the pages that follow you’ll get a taste of what Daniel is all about and experience his brilliant cooking and infectious enthusiasm for anything to do with food.” – Heston Blumenthal

About the author: Daniel Galmiche is a world-renowned chef who has gained or retained prestigious Michelin stars at four of Britain’s top restaurants, including The Vineyard in Berkshire. He trained under the tutelage of Michel Roux and regularly appears on UK TV, including Saturday Kitchen, he won the Relais & Châteaux Rising Chef Trophy in 2011. Daniel is the author of Revolutionary French Cookbook and French Brasserie Cookbook. Find out more:

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