Holiday Gift Guide 2020

This year the global pandemic really hit our industry hard: restaurants closed (some temporarily, others permanently), mass unemployment and the daily risk of just showing up. When doing your holiday shopping this year, consider buying hand crafted products from Chefs and their equally suffering purveyors – they have never needed your support more.

We put the call out for Chef produced products and we have gifts to help you check everyone off your list. 

American Masala Shop

Chef Aarti Sanghavi’s Traditional and Non-Traditional Indian Spice Blends – Indian Flavors born with American Roots.

How to buy: IG @americanmasalashop

Baker’s Bacon

When Chef Tony Baker couldn’t find the high quality bacon he wanted for his restaurant, he made his own. Baker’s Bacon is made in California, dry cured and slowly smoked using real Applewood. We use only the highest quality, sustainably raised heritage-breed pork. There are no antibiotics or hormones, and it’s all 100% vegetarian fed, US family grown pork. Previously only available to restaurants, Baker did a COVID pivot and launched a website and bacon club. Try the sampler pack of unique cuts and experience bacon the way it’s supposed to be.

How to buy: Shop the Baker’s Bacon website, visit the Baker’s Bacon Company Store in Marina California or join the bacon club and never run out of bacon again.

Well Rub

A beautiful blend of 15 spices that compliments any steak, ribs or chicken. Prior to cooking as a rub or after to season! From Chef Chad Rosenthal.

How to buy: It is sold on or IG @chefchadrosenthal

The Chef’s Press

The Chef’s Press is a vented, weight-adjustable cooking tool that causes food to cook 20-30% faster by making better contact with the cooking surface. Created by Chef Bruce Hill.

How to buy:

Fairy Tales Hot Sauce

Big Bad Wolf Smoked Habanero & Witch’s Brew Smoked Habanero.

You know there’s always some down time in the kitchen. There happened to be a case of habanero peppers laying around that we needed to use up. So we decided to smoked them in a convection oven(everyone just loved that) and then developed a couple different hot sauces. That really is the difference between these sauces and the million other ones out there. It took some time and putting together the puzzle pieces of this type of business but we were able to finally get the sauces out on the market.

The main focus was to be on flavor and let the heat creep in later. It took a little bit of time to develop these sauces but it was definitely worth it. They are not your typical watery and vinegar based sauces. They are thicker and the smoke is subtle and hits you at just the right time. 

How to buy: The website is and shipping is included in the pricing. IG @Fairytaleshotsauce 

Chef E’zz BBQ sauces and pickles

Full line of BBQ sauces and pickles!! Blackberry Habanero BBQ Sauce, Tangy Mustard BBQ Sauce, Carolina Stinger Vinegar BBQ Sauce, Smokehouse Hickory BBQ Sauce, Dank Dill Pickle Spears, Bread and Butter Pickle Chips.

How to buy: Currently taking orders through Social Media outlets, messenger, direct contact through email: and IG: chef_eric_b

Toma Tu Chile

We are a small company that does flavored chili dips which can be enjoyed on the rim of your favorite beer or drink and can be used to dip any fruit. Flavors include mango, passion fruit, pineapple, fresa and tamarindo.

How to buy: We currently ship anywhere. We do have an $8 shipping fee and we also do local pick up and deliveries – we are located in Escondido, CA. Contact via IG: @tomatuchile_

Chef Scott Aviles specialty sauces

Providing specialty sauces and infused oils to enhance people’s cooking.

How to buy: You can purchase through Instagram @Chef_scott or visiting the website

My Life in Gluttony: A Culinary Adventure

Living to eat is no longer an admission of gluttony or a problem with self-control. It has, in fact, become a badge of honor.

How to buy: Available through Amazon:

G.K.P. Aprons

One-of-a-kind aprons. Relied upon and appreciated by renowned culinary professionals and home chefs alike, G.K.P. aprons are beautifully handcrafted by skilled artisans in California. Made with sustainable materials, they are not only practical and environmentally friendly – their unique design and colorways can elevate your kitchen experience!

How to buy: G.K.P. Aprons are available on our website:

IG @gkp_goodkitchenproducts

Butter Barn Butter

We are an all gluten free product. We offer salad dressings, which are all vegan, as well as our cookies, keto and vegan treats. We use non-GMO, grass fed butter and organic eggs in our dairy products. Our products are carried in all Erewhon Markets in LA, Joi Cafe in Westlake Village, Joules and Watts Coffee in Malibu and in Soho New York at The Goods Mart.

How to buy: On-line some of our products are available for shipping at

IG @Butterbarnbutter

Edge Slim XL bag

Modern and rugged w/ a clean aesthetic. Our Edge Slim XL knife bag is designed for the discerning chef. Available in Void and Ruin.

How to buy: IG

Prospect Jam

This is a product of waste management. The potential for agricultural waste with restaurant closures felt insurmountable. We created a partnership with Prospect Jam to develop a line of heirloom vegetable based jams, jellies, and marmalades. We’ve created tomato marmalade from a single varietal heirloom, red pepper jelly from a mix of sweet red heirlooms, a red ace beet jam with cranberries, and French carrot marmalade with carrot cake spices and citrus.

How to buy:

Vegetables, best of the season from the farm that Chefs love

It’s been our ambition to send the ingredients we grow directly to homes. To nurture a direct relationship with more people would be a fulfillment of the reasons we farm. Covid-19 reshaped the nature of our objective from one of ambition, into one of need. A bucketload of vegetables harvested to order and delivered to your door overnight nationwide. We allow nature to select what goes in these boxes. The assortment changes with the seasons. Vegetable box sizes can change based on family sizes. Various produce assortments are available. Consider our website for recipes, tips and tricks.

How to buy:

Holiday Chef Box

Choice of 1 local product sourced from other local chefs (jelly/hot sauce), 1 black Chef Culture apron, 1 crimson red tweezer, 1 Chef Culture Christmas card, 1 Chef Culture thank you card – all in Chef Culture Christmas packaging.

How to buy: Visit Any Boxes I sell this season, I will be donating a portion of the profits to No Kid Hungry. IG

School of Quenelle

A Modern and In-Depth Study Of The Science of Ice Cream – Created by Chef @allison_olivia Perfect the ice cream loving chef in your life.

How to buy:

Tres Café LA

Making Cuban and Caribbean desserts such has flan, tres leche, natilla, and guava cookies during the holidays I’m selling Coquito, which is a Puerto Rican holiday drink made with Rum, condensed milk and coconut milk.

  How to buy:  Best way is through DM or Text right off of my Instagram. Delivery is available.  IG: @_tres_cafe

McQuade’s Celtic chutneys

A variety of flavored chutney-Fig ‘n ginger, Plum & black pepper, Apple & red chili, Melon & peach, Cranberry & tangerine and more.

How to buy: Via McQuades Celtic chutney Facebook page or direct email


The original lifestyle brand for chefs & cooks

How to buy:

Happy Cooking Cards

A collection of 100+ greeting cards for foodies. With a watercolor painting of a dish on the cover, a corresponding recipe printed inside, and a perforated seam, the cards are more than just greeting cards – they become collectible, detachable recipe cards. The goal is also to cut down on the massive amount of waste in the greeting card industry – in fact all cards are packaged in plastic-free biodegradable packaging. My goal in creating Happy Cooking Cards is to provide the perfect card for people interested in cooking to share the magic of food with people they love and to have an interactive art and recipe collecting experience through the mail.

How to buy: Happy Cooking Cards are available on OR IG @happycookingcards

Flower House Tea

This is a product of relationships, compassion, dreams, and potential agricultural waste. We’ve partnered with Rare Tea Cellar (another purveyor deeply affected by restaurant closures) to produce a line of teas with ethereal ingredients from our farm and rare estate teas from around the world. This is a world class product available only as a result of waste management. We harvest microgreens, vegetables, flowers, and herbs and dry them slowly at the Culinary Vegetable Institute. We blend the teas and pack in house. We ship direct, nationwide.

How to buy:

Whole Frame Honey

This is an entire frame of honey as it comes from the hives. We are also the beekeepers on property. What was being used for buffets in Vegas and cheese carts in NYC is now the most epic centerpiece on your dining room table at home. Inspired by the iberico ham leg, this frame of honey is designed to be carved table side.

How to buy:

Alaska Tea & Macaroons

Basket with 3 types of Tea from Alaska: Denali Breakfast 1oz, Kenai Green Tea 1oz, Susitna Chai 1oz. Box of 6 or 12 pastry chef crafted macaroons.

How to buy: Online at


DRIFIT camper hats

How to buy: IG @chefslabnyc

Rolling knives

Custom made to order knife rolls and bags in canvas and vegan leather made in India, sold worldwide.

How to buy: IG @Rollingknives

Christmas Box

This year we have created tailor-made Christmas gift solutions for you to satisfy and surprise your special person with an Italian artisan gift box. Our Christmas boxes, depending on the solution you prefer, will consist of: artisan panettone, sparkling wine, spreadable cream, gourmet chocolate table, chocolate pralines,

How to buy: To buy your Christmas box you can do it from the shop on the website or contact us by: email: or whats app: +39 3487939338

Hudson Valley Foie Gras

Another amazing purveyor to the best Chefs that has been hit hard by the closing of restaurants. Grade-A Foie gras and an extensive line of prepared and ready to eat goodies! 

How to buy: Shop 24/7 on our site delivered to your door the very next day!
IG @Hudsonvalleyfoiegras

Bayani Aprons

A collaboration project from San Diego chef Dj Tangalin and A-list fashion designer Kenneth Barlis. One of the best aprons you’ll find in the market. 

How to buy:

McJunkins Cannabis 

Homemade edibles ranging from cookies, brownies, cereal treats, marshmallows, chamoy, infused salt and sugar. Individually sealed for freshness, using only premium cannabis from local dispensaries in Coachella valley. No seeds no stems just beautiful buds.

How to buy: Direct message on IG @mcjunkins_cannabis, I take payments through cash app and Venmo. I can also send any where in the US, preferably in legal states. 

Dinner for Two Cookbook

A complete guide to the best date night dinner at home. You can make a great 3 course meal in the comfort and safety of your home. Dive into different recipes from around the world in a 3 course format.

How to buy:

IG @chris.ojales