Surplus: The Food Waste Guide for Chefs

Do you know how much food waste you create every day? Probably not. But it’s much more than you think. 

Surplus: The food waste guide for chefs is a thought-provoking book for every chef that wants to effectively reduce and prevent food waste in a restaurant’s kitchen. Written by the founder of the first zero-waste vegan restaurant in the world, it includes a few short stories from the restaurant, and covers the topic of food waste and plant-based cooking from motivation and mindset tips, to practical steps of food waste prevention. 

Believing that the food waste problem can be solved by combining a mindset change with technical knowledge, this book includes words of motivation and also an ingredient directory with tips on how to use every part of an ingredient, and a few zero-waste and plant-based recipes for inspiration. 

The methods and steps described in the book can be applied in every professional kitchen, whether it’s a small bistro or a large restaurant. While this book is focused on the hospitality industry and professional chefs, the content provides a different viewpoint on the food waste solutions that can be valuable to anyone interested in reducing food waste or introducing plant-based options on the menu.

About The Author: Vojtech Végh

Vojtech Vegh is a zero-waste and plant-based chef with over a decade of working experience in restaurants around the world. He has opened the world’s first zero-waste and vegan restaurant in Cambodia and now he continues to work as a food waste consultant and zero-waste chef. Vojtech is focused on food waste prevention in professional kitchens and he believes that reducing the food waste is an urgent issue. Surplus: The food waste guide for chefs is his first book and it is written for all open-minded chefs interested in actively reducing the food waste.

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