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chef_adam_aschner“I want a Chef Spoon in the hands of anyone that has a passion to express themselves on a plate. I add new artwork to Chef Spoons almost everyday so there are hundreds of designs to choose from, many of them designed by Chefs. Custom designed spoons is our specialty. You can use your artwork. We can make a design together. Your vision in 3-D!” – Chef Adam Aschner, Founder of Chef Spoons and The Illustrated Chef
Chef Spoons started because there just wasn’t a spoon I liked using.  I had ONE spoon in my whole knife roll that I really felt at home with but when I lost my favorite spoon in the world…I decided to make my own.    Through design testing, multiple prototypes, accidents, and “not-accidents”, I have created the most perfect tasting, cooking, and serving spoon, ever made for a professional chef.  I think you will find that the spoon you’ve always dreamed of is our Chef Spoon.  My passion in life has always been cooking.  Because I am not cooking professionally at the moment, I can shift all that passion straight onto Chef Spoons.  Whoa!  That is a whole lot of passion.
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Chef Spoons

About Adam Aschner

I am a Texas chef.  After over ten years in Dallas restaurants, I left the States and began my career as a private chef on yachts.  I worked privately for families in the U.S. (including a professional NBA-player and his family) and have spent the majority of the past ten years abroad out in the sea.   For most of the ten years, I called a tiny box of a kitchen on the sea my home.  After getting married a few years ago, being away at sea for up to six, seven months at a time lost it’s appeal.  So, I returned home to Texas.  So much has happened to the restaurant scene in Dallas while I was abroad!  It was very exciting for me to see that Dallas’ culinary scene had grown tremendously while I was away.    Now after years in the kitchen, I am now using all my time and effort into Chef Spoons.  I hope you enjoy!  Learn more about Chef Adam Aschner on his Chef’s Roll profile.