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Kitchens of the Future

About Kitchens of The Future

Kitchens of the Future is a collaboration between Chef’s Roll and our sponsors, Irinox, Henkelman, and RATIONAL. As our industry continues to grow and innovate into the 21st Century, Chef’s Roll is thrilled to feature the companies and products on the cutting edge of culinary technology and give chefs in our community the chance to learn about how their kitchens can become kitchens of the future.

FEATURED CHEFS: William Eick, Melanie Patricio Stagnaro, Alex Carballo, DJ Tangalin, Davin Waite and Max Farina.

Episode #1

Chef Alex Carballo of Carte Blanche Bistro & Bar makes duck mole tacos and sourdough bread using a RATIONAL iCombi Pro, an Irinox blast chiller, and Henkelman vacuum sealer as part of our #KitchensOfTheFutureSeries! Chef demonstrates how this equipment helps to create consistent quality products, while allowing him to free up some time in his busy schedule.

Sourdough Bread

Episode #2

Watch Chef @DavinWaite of @theplotrestaurant make two vegan dishes – a watermelon “beef” brisket and butternut squash “tuna” sashimi – by utilizing a @HenkelmanVacuumCombivac vacuumsealer, a @Rational_USA iCombi Pro, and an @IrinoxNorthAmerica MultiFresh blast chiller! These pieces of equipment help him consistently transform vegetables to mimic proteins while employing subtle techniques that create time savings and efficiency.

Watermelon “beef” brisket
Butternut squash “tuna” sashimi

Episode #3

Check out our latest #KitchensOfTheFutureSeries episode where Chef @DJ_Tangalin utilizes modern technology to make two classic Filipino dishes – kilawin and halo-halo. The @HenkelmanVacuum Combivac vacuum sealer, @Rational_USA iCombi Pro, and @IrinoxNorthAmerica MultiFresh blast chiller allow him to increase efficiency in the kitchen, saving him time and money without compromising his high standards of flavor.


Episode #4

In our latest episode of #KitchensOfTheFutureSeries – @maxfarinachef creates two flavorful dishes, a chicken roulade and roasted pork belly, using a @HenkelmanVacuum Combivac vacuum sealer, a @Rational_USA iCombi Pro, and an @IrinoxNorthAmerica MultiFresh blast chiller – all of which allow him to save time and increase the quality and safety of his food.

Chicken Roulade
Roasted Porkbelly

Episode #5

Check out the latest #KitchensOfTheFutureSeries episode! Pastry chefs Melanie Stagnaro @sweetnothingsmjp and @Anthony_Nicolas_Stagnaro make a “Flavors of Carrot Cake” dessert and a tropical themed dessert using a @HenkelmanVacuum Combivac vacuum sealer, a @Rational_USA iCombi Pro, and an @IrinoxNorthAmerica MultiFresh blast chiller – demonstrating how these tools allow them to reduce prep time and increase control and consistency in their dishes.

Tropical Dessert
“Flavors of Carrot Cake”

Episode #6

In the latest installment of the #KitchensOfTheFutureSeries@ChefWilliamEick uses a @HenkelmanVacuum Combivac vacuum sealer, a @Rational_USA iCombi Pro, and an @IrinoxNorthAmerica MultiFresh blast chiller to make Chawanmushi and a white chocolate mousse, demonstrating how this technology creates greater consistency that results in fewer errors and less waste, even during large scale production.

White Chocolate Mousse

Meet our Sponsors

About Irinox

Irinox was founded in Corbanese (Treviso, Italy) in 1989 and is known all over the world as the leading manufacturer of blast chillers and shock freezers.

Our appliances are entirely manufactured in our 9,000 sq m facilities near Treviso in north eastern Italy.

As a pioneer in developing the concepts of blast chilling and high-quality food preservation in the catering, confectionery, ice cream, bread-making and food industries, Irinox has always invested in continuous research and improvement of its technology, becoming the ideal partner of the most important food professionals and companies all over the world.

Innovative in spirit, over the years Irinox has developed a leading edge line of industrial blast chillers and shock freezers, proposing revolutionary concepts that have set market benchmarks.

Irinox has already installed more than 40,000 machines and distributed its equipment in more than 80 countries.

About Henkelman

We are Dutch. And since the company’s founding in 1994, we specialize in vacuum packaging machines. We develop. We manufacture. And we distribute. Worldwide. Approximately 15,000 machines a year to a network of 450 distributors in more than 80 countries.


The RATIONAL Group is the world market and technology leader in the field of hot food preparation for professional kitchens, and known throughout the world as the inventor and leader in combi oven technology. Founded in 1973, the company employs more than 2,300 people worldwide. To learn more about RATIONAL products and services, attend a virtual or in-person RATIONAL Live event.  To attend an event see how RATIONAL products help commercial kitchen operators do more with less space, waste, energy, cost and stress, visit