MISE Footwear

MISE is the new standard in footwear for the culinary industry. This high coverage, slip-on shoe is more supportive, sleeker, and easier to care for than any other culinary shoe on the market. This is not your clunky, run of the mill work shoe—MISE treats chefs, bartenders, dishwashers, and all culinary professionals as athletes. And athletes deserve a shoe designed to be a tool for performance, style, and longevity. PRE-SALES now open at misefootwear.com!

Made of four components: an upper, an outsole, an internal bootie, and a midsole

The upper is made from extra-thick, water-resistant leather and is a breeze to clean and maintain

The non-slip outsoles utilize a simple traction pattern, engineered for safety and stability

The modular midsole and and bootie are easily removable from the upper and outsole, allowing for hassle-free washing and replacing

The MISE Standard is specifically designed to protect against sharps, spills, and other kitchen hazards

Prior to the launch, MISE orchestrated an ambitious wear tester campaign. Unlike other shoe brands who commonly beta test only a dozen pairs on brand employees, MISE outfitted 150+ chefs in Portland, Seattle, Austin, New York, and beyond. These industry professionals received pairs for testing and feedback, ensuring that the shoe will thrive in real kitchens, bars, bakeries, and more.

We ran a MISE Footwear giveaway on the @chefsroll Instagram from Monday 12/6/2021 – Friday 12/10/2021 and the following chefs won a free pair of MISE Footwear!

Monday winner: @kate_paints_the_plate and tagged @adventureswithshawnandautumn
Tuesday winner: @chef.j.d and tagged @chefcpadil
Wednesday winner: @chefdee_gchavez and tagged @chefhernandez33
Thursday winner: @kmichelle79 and tagged @chefrosanarivera
Friday winner: @brittneeklinger and tagged @sweet_d_nyc