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My Kitchen Inspector

In a kitchen (as in life), the most important work often goes unseen. Winning flavors, spectacular plating, and elevated service may be the things that “wow” customers, but cleanliness and food safety is what guarantees the restaurant can stay open!

It’s not glamorous to check temperatures, wipe down surfaces, and deep-clean as needed, but someone needs to do it. Despite this, most operations have been forced to make do with antiquated and inefficient systems that still often allow tasks to be neglected.

However, there’s great news for owners and operators who are looking to modernize their systems and empower their teams: My Kitchen Inspector, a new app designed to streamline the kitchen inspection process, while creating a digital record along the way.

Here’s 10 reasons you should start a free trial of My Kitchen Inspector and consider subscribing!

  1. It will help you stay COMPLIANT – The system maintains your compliance with your municipal and/or county health inspections.
  2. It will save TIME and MONEY– It is designed to minimize hourly labor by eliminating paper forms, clipboards and spreadsheets and reduce time-consuming and tedious office tasks, such as paper filing, printing and archiving.
  3. It’s EASY! – No need to commit to long term contracts or deal with on-boarding hassles. Just download and get started!
  1. It’s AFFORDABLE – There’s no up-front costs and a low monthly subscription. There are options of reduced pricing for annual payment and multiple users.
  2. It’s ADAPTABLE and ROBUST – No matter what your internal food safety operation and procedures look like, you can customize your checklists to account for these processes and all the state HACCP guidelines that are required to run a safe and clean food processing and food handling environment.
  3. It can be MONITORED REMOTELY – No matter where you are in the world, the digital app will allow you make sure that the work of cleanliness and hygiene is maintained to a high degree.
  1. It will ENSURE ACCURACY – The system avoids fake readings or typos when taking temperatures by incorporating a Bluetooth thermometer that records the temperature readings and prompts for corrective measures when needed – all in a fraction of the time that manual measurement and recording takes.
  2. It’s MEASURABLE – It allows evaluation of the operation with a score card, as well as daily reports and statistics that can be shared both internally and with the local health department.
  3. It will PROTECT YOU – It protects your customers and your business in case of litigation by reducing human errors and digitally recording all food safety procedures.
  4. It promotes team ACCOUNTABILITY– By prevents “yes” marks to tasks that were not done, My Kitchen Inspector makes sure that tasks do not get forgotten or skipped.

Get started today!