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RavensWood Hand Forged Knives

RavensWood Hand Forged is a small producer of high-quality, handmade knives based in Chicago, IL with a focus on professional quality chef knives. Founded and operated by bladesmiths Chris Mayor and Brendan McDermott, all RavensWood blades are forged the old fashioned way, with a hammer and anvil. The process of forging by hand manipulates the grain structure of the steel, which, compared to machined blades, allows a reinforced cutting edge, resulting in steel with the capacity to get sharper, hold an edge longer, and wear more evenly over time.

L-R: Brendan McDermott & Chris Mayor at the RavensWood Forgery in Chicago, IL.

It’s in the nature of forging for each blade to be unique, so we grind freehand: that means no blanks, no precuts and no jigs. – Chris Mayor.

With designs constantly evolving and gaining in subtlety and complexity, Chris and Brendan work with a wide variety of steels. Usually dictated by the form and function of the blade, they tend to favor working with carbon steels over stainless when crafting their wares.

RavensWood blades are forged the old fashioned way, by hand with a hammer and anvil.

Handle materials range from recycled to exotic woods, but Chris and Brendan are happy to fill requests on commissions. Once finished all blades are tested in a working kitchen by professional chefs before being signed. RavensWood products can be found in a number of high-end cutlery stores, including Brooklyn Kitchen. To see what’s available or commission a blade, contact them directly at: or order online through their shop on

Work of Art: A custom-made and hand forged RavensWood Knife.

About RavensWood Hand Forged

Chris Mayor has been forging blades for almost a decade and currently teaches knife and sword making, as well as traditional blacksmithing, at the Fire Arts Center Of Chicago, a non-profit school for traditional metal sculpture. Brendan McDermott is a bladesmith, chef and culinary instructor with an award-winning knife skills class and over 15 years experience working in kitchens. RavensWood Hand Forged is located in Chicago, Illinois. Follow them on social media via Instagram and Facebook. All online purchases can be made at