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A Chef’s knife bag is where the tools that aid their creativity lay. On average a Chef usually owns about 6-10 tools to be prepared for whatever circumstance comes their way. Yet a Chef’s tool and knife collection grows larger as their journey progresses and evolves.

With a Chef’s ever-growing knife and tool collection in mind, we’ve joined forces with JENDE Industries to create the ultimate Chef Knife Bag.

The JENDE + Chef’s Roll Knife Bag brings the ultimate in presentation, transportation, and protection for your valuable knives and unique tools. Made with American-made classic stone oiled brown leather construction, D.O.D. certified hardware and thread, and Nanocoated to help protect against spills and stains.

Weighing in at a mere 3.5kg when empty, its dimensions are 50cm in length x 21cm in width x 25cm. When fully opened, it becomes an impressive 100cm x 90cm display piece.

Each Knife Bag is designed with:

• 28 slots for knives and tools
• 3 large back pouches + one front pouch for notes/magazines, etc.
• Plus extra space on the inside to fit all those tools that just won’t fit in your average roll

This is a working piece of art and can take any spill and beating.

• Handle is reinforced with a carbon fiber bar to support the weight of the knives and bag
• Slots are all stitched, glued and riveted and lined with suede for protection and stability.
• Belts and straps with double the thickness for ultimate longevity.

If you’re serious about your kitchen knives, the JENDE + Chef’s Roll Knife Bag is for you!