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Work Sharp Culinary

The makers of Work Sharp Culinary sharpeners have been a sharpening focused and 4th-generation family-owned business since 1973. For over 40 years their engineers have been creating a wide range of industry-leading sharpening equipment (including Work Sharp Outdoor, Darex, and Drill Doctor drill bit sharpeners), so it was a logical step for them to innovate culinary knife and tool sharpeners.

Professional Chefs sharpen their knives daily and have dedicated hours mastering their sharpening technique to maintain that professional sharp edge. A knife’s sharp edge isn’t just for safety, but it allows a Chef’s practice to be precise and optimal for an overall breathtaking presentation. All knives, from a Goodwill beater to a custom Shun, begin to lose their edge after the first cut, and the dulling only worsens when dealing with fatty proteins. That is why Work Sharp Culinary has distilled the art of knife sharpening into an easy and fast kitchen solution unlike any on the market.

The Work Sharp Culinary E3 and E5 Knife Sharpeners know how to get the perfect edge for any knife with precision sharpening, controlled speeds and high-performance sharpening belts, making the knife sharpening process easy, clean, and simple.

With their extensive knowledge of sharpening equipment, the Work Sharp Culinary knife sharpeners are the only sharpening tools gentle on knives that we feel take care of any knife’s edge from a santoku to a pairing, making it a valuable Tool of the Trade.

See the E3 in action in one of our Test Kitchen episodes: