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2021 OREO® Cookies Recipe Contest Finalists

Congrats to the finalists of the 2021 OREO® Cookies Recipe Contest! These 15 finalists – 10 professional chefs and 5 culinary students – created amazing original recipes reflecting their personal skills, style and taste, while using OREO Cookie Pieces. 

Scroll to see each of their unique recipes and stay tuned to see who will be chosen as our winners on Friday, April 16th! 

10 Professional Finalists

Chef Lorna Martinez

“OREO® Cookies Cheese Flan”

OREO® Cookie Flan / OREO® Cookie Base / Chocolate Ganache 

Chef Clarice Lam

“Triple S’MOREO® Cookies Pie”

OREO® Cookie Crust / Chocolate OREO® Cookie Cremeux / Torched OREO® Cookie Meringue

Chef Erin Hungsberg


Chocolate OREO® Cookies Graham Crackers / OREO® Cookies Cream Filling Vanilla Marshmallows / OREO® Cookies Cream Chocolate Bars⁠

Chef Kwame Williams

“OREO® Cookies Parfait”

OREO® Cookies Puddings & OREO® Cookies Crumble

Chef Callie Gavorek

“OREO® Cookies Lumpia”

Deep-fried lumpia loaded with a creamy OREO® Cookies cheesecake filling, served with chocolate ganache.

Chef Calvin Cunningham

“OREO® Cookies Panna Cotta Explosion”

OREO® Cookies Panna Cotta / Banana Cinnamon Rum Glaze / OREO® Cookies Pecan Brittle

Chef Blair Bleacher

“OREO® Cookies Bavarian”

OREO® Cookie Pieces / Joconde (almond sponge) stenciled with OREO® Cookies Tuile / Torched Italian Meringue / Coral Tuile OREO® Cookie / Chocolate and Crème Anglaise (vanilla sauce)

Chef Melanie Stangnaro

“OREO® Cookie Geode Dino Egg”

Chocolate dinosaur egg with an marshmallow and OREO® Cookies “geode” center

Chef Zoe Adelstein

“OREO® Cookies Stuffed Challah”

OREO® Cookie crumbs were pulsed down and added to the dough, and the OREO® Cookie cream was whisked in with the eggs. Each rope of the challah is filled with OREO® Cookie pieces as well. 

Chef Afsha Dada

“OREO® Cookies and Cream Eclairs”

The eclair shell is made with grounded OREO® Cookies in a fine powder and mixed with bread flour. The pastry cream has OREO® Cookie cream in vanilla filling and in chocolate pastry cream it has crushed up OREO® Cookies.

5 Student Finalists

Chef Christy Greer

“OREO® Cookies Delight Chocolate Dessert Hummus”

Two of America’s favorite snacks collide in this delightfully rich and fudgy dip. It serves as a dip for fruit, pretzels, graham crackers, and of course OREO® Cookies It is also a delicious OREO® Cookie-flavored icing for brownies!

Chef Joshua Rosario

“OREO® Cookies Panna Cotta”

OREO® Cookies Panna Cotta / Raspberry Puree / OREO® Cookies Crumble 

Chef Millie Messina

“OREO® Cookies Paris-Brest”

OREO® Cookies Mousselline Cream / OREO® Cookies Butter / OREO® Cookies Choux / OREO® Cookie Pieces

Chef Jessica Wang

“OREO® Cookies Cream Puff”

Black cocoa cream puff topped with a crunchy black cocoa craquelin and filled with a luscious OREO® Cookies mascarpone cream

Chef Neishka Aguila Febres

“OREO® Cookies Tiramisu Croissant” 

Chocolate croissant made with OREO® Cookie crumbs filled with Mascarpone OREO® Cookies cream mousse. 

You can see all the entries in the 2021 OREO® Cookies Recipe Contest at the #2021OreoContest hashtag on Instagram.