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Big Banana National Plantain Month 2018

Happy National Plantain Month! This year, Chef’s Roll is celebrating by teaming up with Big Banana® Plantain Products from MIC Food® to give you the opportunity to win some amazing prizes – including a $500 gift card to and have your work featured on the Chef’s Roll Instagram!


  1. Create an original recipe using plantain.
  2. Post a photo on a public Facebook or Instagram page any day in November.
  3. Add #BigBananaPlantainMonth2018 to your caption.
  4. Make sure to specify how the plantain is being used in your dish!

Throughout the month of November, we’ll be re-posting all the best entries we see.
At the end of the month, our judging panel will select 4 runners-up and 1 Grand Prize Winner!
Other Rules:
You may enter as many times as you want to.
The dish you post doesn’t need to have been made exclusively for the contest. It can be a repost. But it MUST be a dish that you personally created.
International (Non-US) Chefs: You are allowed to participate in this promotion, however, you will be not be eligible to win the grand prize. You will still be able to have your dishes reposted by Chef’s Roll, and to win a Chef’s Roll prize pack!


Runners Up – 4 People will receive a Chef’s Roll prize pack, containing a Chef’s Roll ballcap, a custom Chef’s Roll tumbler from Big Frig, and Chef’s Roll stickers and sharpies. (1 of these is reserved for a non-US entry.)
Grand Prize (US ONLY) – The grand prize is a $500 gift card to The grand prize winner will also receive a Chef’s Roll prize pack, described above.

Inspiration for cooking with plantain from Chef Louis Robinson


Big Banana® is partnered with national and international food distributors, retailers, restaurant chains, schools, brokers, and food manufacturers to deliver a consistent supply of ready-to-eat, frozen ripe and green plantain products.
Big Banana® frozen value-added products come prepared ready-to-heat and serve:

  • Saving chefs time & costs on preparation of product (products come pre-cooked and formed in a variety of different cuts perfect for your use (bias cut slices, rounds, mashes for sauces, whole baked for ripe products).
  • Cost of Waste product: 100% Yield
  • Long shelf life: Use what you need only
  • 100% Natural: No preservatives, additives or artificial ingredient
  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher
  • Available through most national foodservice distributors. To find one in your neighborhood, please contact:


Big Banana® wants people to know there’s a common misconception that fresh produce is better than frozen produce. They maintain that their frozen fruits and vegetables are packed with nutritional value, sometimes greater than that of fresh produce. Fresh fruits and vegetables in the grocery store are often picked before they’ve peaked in ripeness, and their taste and nutritional content can plummet significantly within days.
With Big Banana®  frozen produce, however, fruits and vegetables are picked at their peak, then immediately frozen to preserve an incredibly delicious, nutrient-rich state. Frozen produce like plantains can be kept and used over a long period of time with very little decrease in nutritional value, quality, or taste.
Frozen fruits and vegetables are also more practical and convenient. When purchased frozen, MIC Food® has already done the work of washing, peeling, cutting and if necessary, removing pits and seeds. What you buy is typically 100% usable produce, saving you time and money, plus there are no surprises with spoiled or damaged product under the skin.
The assertion that frozen produce is often better than the items that grocery stores promote as “fresh” is not an overstatement. To learn more about frozen food facts, visit the Frozen Food Foundation.

Good luck chefs, and thanks for celebrating #BigBananaPlantainMonth2018 with us!