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Minor’s® Classical Reductions™ Contest WINNERS

Congrats to the winners of the Minor’s® Classical Reductions Recipe Contest! 🎉 These 3 chefs all showcased excellent uses of Minor’s® Foodservice Classical Reductions™ Reduced Vegetable Stock in these creative and delicious dishes! They’ve each won a Chef’s Roll Apparel Guardian Chef Coat and Knife Bag, plus our first place winner will be taking home the Robot Coupe grand prize!! 


The judges especially liked that Chef highlighted the product versatility, using it in two applications to make such a beautiful and well-rounded dish. Congrats, Chef!

Chef Rosana Rivera

Filet Tournedo with Demi-glace, Pommes Fondant, Roasted Asparagus & Black Peppercorn Tuile. The demi-glace and the pommes fondant are both made with Minor’s® Classical Reductions™ Vegetable Stock. 


Chef Jeremy Bechtold

Black garlic Minor’s® Classical Reductions™ Vegetable Stock sauce / Curry roasted yellow carrot / Orange coriander pickled red onion / Smoked turnip / Celery root w/ fresh horseradish / Fresh purple carrots / Red beet chips / Mushrooms sautéed in fresh butters

Chef Barbara Pollastrini

Crepes with mushrooms crispy pancetta, zucchini blossoms, and a Minor’s® Classical Reductions™ Vegetable Stock umami sauce

Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest. You can see all the incredible entries created for this contest at #MinorsClassicalReductionsContest on Instagram!