Chef’s Roll has teamed up with MorningStar Farms to offer a unique new competition opportunity to chefs in the United States!

Contest Inspiration – Terrine Pate by Chef Mikel Anthony, made with Morningstar Farms Signature Protein Blend of tomato, basil, and mozzarella. Asparagus, carrot, pickled cauliflower, cauliflower puree.

There’s no place in culinary growing more quickly than the world of plant-based dining, driven by consumer demand and cutting-edge meat-replacement breakthroughs. More and more diners continue switching to plant-based lifestyles, and even those who haven’t yet made the switch are beginning to appreciate the delicious range of flavors that are available in plant-based cuisine.

In the #PlantBasedAllStar contest, Chef’s Roll has partnered with MorningStar Farms to provide 75 chefs with samples of the new MorningStar Farms Signature Protein Blend plant-based protein (a great product for high-volume chefs) and then challenge those chefs to push themselves to create innovative meatless (or entirely plant-based) dishes that illustrate the possibility of cooking with a meat substitute. The product can be substituted into any dish that you would use raw meat for. We want to see what you come up with!

The winner will receive $1000 cash and a True Cooks “Plant-Based” Snap Back Hat. A People’s Choice prize will also be available to the entry which receives the most votes.

Anyone interested in competing is invited to register online and choose which of 2 flavors they’d like to try. We are especially encouraging high-volume chefs to apply – but all registrants will be considered! A select number of chefs will be shipped their selected product to use. When you’ve made your dish, you can submit it online via a private link. After this, judges will select a winner based on creativity, technique, and appeal.

(Full contest rules HERE)


It’s $1000 cash. And it could all be yours.

To keep things on-theme, we’re also adding the super dope “Plant Based” snapback from True Cooks.


A set of Sitram Cookware.

The People’s Choice Prize will be awarded to the chef whose entry receives the most votes during the public submission period. All entries will be publicly viewable in a gallery after launch.



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