Chef’s Roll didn’t build the largest network of chefs in the world overnight, and we didn’t do it on our own, it was always thanks to you all. Now, we want to make it even easier for you to participate in the cool projects we’ve got in the pipeline. There are 5 main types of opportunities we’re regularly offering. If you fill out the form below, you’ll get added to a new database we’re creating to help us share opportunities with you.


  • Video Features – We are constantly producing new videos to share on social media and are on the hunt for talented chefs to feature. If you register, we’ll consider you for upcoming film projects.
  • Cooking at Events – We’ve been traveling around hosting culinary events and competitions and we’re always looking for great area chefs to cook at them. If you register, we’ll keep you in mind when planning our upcoming events.
  • Chef Ambassador Program – From time to we enlist chef ambassadors to use their unique mastery to show off specific ingredients that we provide. If selected, we’ll ship you product as well as some Chef’s Roll swag, then, when you’ve created and photographed the dish, we’ll promote it, and you, on our social channels.
  • Surveys – Because we know so many talented, working chefs, companies sometimes ask us to help them conduct surveys so that they can improve their products or gain insight. We don’t take your time for granted, though, so we’ll always try to share something cool as a thank you gift. All we ask is your willingness to give us your honest opinions.
  • Private Contests – Occasionally, rather than opening up a contest to the public, we hand-pick chefs that we know are up to the challenge to compete for a prize. If you want to be considered for these competitions, just check the box below!



Note: Enrollment doesn’t guarantee selection for any given opportunity. Once you have enrolled, we will contact you directly if we have an opportunity that we think will be a good fit for you!

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