Chef’s Roll is proud to introduce the fifth annual Ōra King Awards. The Ōra’s were established in 2013 to recognize outstanding contributions from chefs working with Ōra King Salmon.

This year, Ōra King is celebrating their five year anniversary by doing something extra special – taking the Ōra King Awards to Japan.

Awards finalists from NZ, Australia and North America will join the Ōra King team and the Japanese finalists for an exclusive Chef’s Tour of Japan.

They are on the hunt for the Best Ōra King salmon dish and in keeping with the Japanese theme, chefs are asked to show their Best Ōra King Dish with a Japanese twist.


2016 Best Ora King Dish winners

‘Japanese twist’ is entirely at the interpretation of each chef. You may choose to convey it through ingredients used, techniques, presentation or merely inspiration. As ever, the chef has creative license.

If you are a Canadian, American, Mexican, Australian or New Zealand based Chef with access to Ōra King salmon, develop a recipe and submit it with a great photo for a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Japan.

For more details, judging criteria and to submit your entry CLICK HERE!

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