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Riverence Gold Rush

Registration for this contest has closed

Attention US-based chefs: Register below for a chance to receive free samples and compete to win a sustainable aquaculture adventure and more!

In the #RiverenceGoldRush online cooking contest, created in partnership with Riverence, chefs will register to compete using the form below.

If selected, you will be shipped a sample of premium Riverence golden rainbow trout to use in the creation of a dish showcasing the beauty of these trout, your talents, and culinary inspiration.

Once the entry deadline has been reached, the judges will select the prize winners!


  • 1st place winner will receive at trip for 2 to Riverence farms alongside the Snake River in Idaho’s Magic Valley.
    • 3 days / 2 nights in April of 2020
    • Experience how Riverence golden rainbow trout is raised
    • Enjoy a fresh golden rainbow trout meal, waterside at the farm where they were raised
    • Visit Shoshone Falls: the 2nd largest waterfall in North America
    • Adventure segment: Zip line, hiking, or kayaking the Snake River (TBD depending on weather)
  • 2nd and 3rd place will receive a custom Timbuk2 Catapult Sling.
    • Product details may be found here

  • ALL selected participants who we send samples to, who post using #RiverenceGoldRush and tag @riverenceusa and @chefsroll will receive a Riverence Hat!

Contest Timeline

1. Registration – November 1 – 15 | Fill out the form below for a chance to compete!
2. Shipping – November 18 – 30 | Riverence will select at least 50 competitors to receive free trout samples and to compete.
3. Submissions – December 1 – 15 | Create your dish and post it on social media using #RiverenceGoldRush
4. Judging and Announcement – December 18th (Finalists), 20th (Winners)


Background on Riverence Farms

Riverence is an American producer of spring water steelhead trout, rainbow trout, and golden rainbow trout from the Rocky Mountains. The Rockies are world famous for their majestic peaks, but their true legacy lies in the abundant life they support — including the mighty trout. Riverence raises fish from their own traceable eggs, alongside Idaho’s Snake River in their native waters, and provides chefs and retail markets with this local heritage fish, 365 days a year. Riverence is a David E. Kelley company, IMPACT partner of the James Beard Foundation, the official trout of the James Beard House, recommended by Ocean Wise, and is a Monterey Bay Seafood Watch “Best Choice” green rated fish. For more information, visit

Idaho’s Magic Valley

Idaho’s Magic Valley is unlike any other location in the world, with a sprawling 400+ ft. deep canyon and the famous Snake River running through it. Home to Evel Knievel’s infamous Snake River canyon jump, the Perrine Bridge (America’s only permit-free base jumping bridge), and the 2nd largest waterfall in the country, Shoshone Falls (which is actually 40 ft. taller than Niagara Falls!), the region attracts numerous adventurous tourists annually. Its richest heritage story, however, belongs to its pure natural resource: the abundant Rocky Mountain spring water that flows down from the Sawtooth range consistently, year-round, at 58°F — the perfect temperature for raising trout.

Riverence’s strain of golden rainbow trout

Riverence is the only large scale producer of this particular strain of golden rainbow trout in the world. They were originally discovered in West Virginia in the 1950’s, and we have had the broodstock in our care for over 20 years. Technically, they are classified as Oncorhynchus mykiss (like rainbow trout and steelhead trout), but their rare golden skin tone, red flesh, and mild flavor profile offer a one-of-a-kind dining experience that never fails to impress.

In the 50’s a hatchery manager in West Virginia took notice of a unique rainbow trout that had naturally developed a variation in its skin tone — a bright golden stripe. Keenly, he separated this incredible fish from its peers, and selectively bred the fish until generations later, all offspring carried their forefathers’ stunning golden color from tip to tail! This particular strain of golden rainbow trout are bright golden with a distinct pink stripe…and are not the same species as the California golden trout (that fish is classified as Oncorhynchus mykiss aquabonita). They are also richer in color than their closest West Virginia cousins, the “Palomino” trout, which usually have paler golden coloration and a less distinct pink stripe.

Riverence Gold (their golden rainbow trout) is raised in limited supply, year-round, at 1+ lb and 2+ lb size ranges.

• Raised from their own 100% traceable, high-pedigree eggs
• No genetic engineering or growth hormones
• No bycatch, escapes, or microplastics
• No preventative antibiotics
• 62x less mercury than the FDA’s permissible specification
• Astaxanthin-rich diet (micronutrient in wild steelhead diets)
• Small carbon footprint
• High in Omega-3’s