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Spiceology Experiment with Flavors Contest WINNERS

We teamed up with Spiceology to present the #SpiceologyExperimentWithFlavor contest! US-based and Canadian Chefs competed for the opportunity to win BIG by letting their creativity run wild with Spiceology ingredients and posting their dishes on Instagram. 

There were 7 different categories chefs could enter – each corresponding with a different signature Spiceology spice, herb, or blend – meaning there were 7 different chances to win! Category winners took home a Waring Commercial Bolt Immersion Blender and received a Spice Makeover courtesy of Spiceology!

Out of these 7 winners, the public voted via Instagram likes on each dish over the course of 1 week. Each dish was posted on the Instagram accounts of Chef’s Roll, Spiceology, and True Cooks and had 24 hours to rack up the most likes as possible on the 3 platforms. The dish which received more likes than any of the other 6 dishes at the end of the week won the People’s Choice Grand Prize – a Waring Commercial Chamber Vacuum and a Waring Sous Vide Machine.

Scroll below to see which chef ultimately became our lucky Grand Prize winner along with the original 7 incredible category winners and their runners up!


The people have spoken! Out of the 7 category winners, Chef Austin Carson’s dish racked up over 4,000 likes in the 24 hour voting period, making him the Grand Prize Winner! Chef will take home a Waring Commercial Chamber Vacuum and a Waring Sous Vide Machine in addition to a spice makeover from Spiceology!

Congrats, Chef!

Chef Austin Carson

Sous Vide Szechuan Peppercorn Crusted Filet Mignon / Urfa Biber Demi Glace / Creamy Vadouvan / Lavender-Infused Honey Glazed Carrots / Micro Garlic Flower Powder


These 7 chefs were judged to have created the best dish in each of Spiceolgy contest categories – Urfa, Lavender, Vadouvan, Szechuan, Flake Salt, Maltodextrin, and Experiment1, a combination of the other 6 spices! The category winners took home a Waring Commercial Bolt Immersion Blender and a spice makeover from Spiceology!

Best “Chile” Dish Using Spiceology Urfa Biber Chile


by Chef Alina Muratova

Urfa Biber Bonbon with Raspberry Pate de Fruit and Ocoa Ganache


Best “Herb” Dish Using Spiceology Lavender


by Chef Edgar

Shrimp Crudo marinated in Yuzu and Ginger / Hoja Santa / Mango Citrus Lavender Gel / Hibiscus Pickled Pearl Onions / Cucumber / Fresh Mango / Sorrel Apple / Radishes


Best “Blend” Dish Using Spiceology Vadouvan


Chef Paul Hoag

“Cauliflower 4 Ways”

Spiceology Vadouvan Spice Oil Roasted Cauliflower Steak / Vadouvan & Apricot Purée / Puffed Lentils / Caper Raisin Gel / Sous Vide Cauliflower Rounds with Vadouvan / Spiced Roasted Vadouvan Cashews / Carrot Sauce / Lemon Purée and Segments / Potato Swirl / Dates / Fried Cauliflower


Best “Spice” Dish Using Spiceology Szechuan Peppercorn


Chef Gustavo Torres

 “Nicoise Tuna Salad”

Spiceology Szechuan Peppercorn Chili Oil Ginger Ponzu Vinaigrette / Artichoke Chips / Seared Tuna with Spiceology Szechuan Peppercorn Crust


Best “Salt” Dish Using Spiceology Flaked Sea Salt


The Ordinary Kitchen

“Californian Toro with Uni”

Dana Point caught Blue Fin Tuna / Santa Barbara Uni / Harvest Garden Chili and Herb Romesco / Spiceology Smoked Paprika Flaked Sea Salt / Candied Lemon Peeled, Spiced Nuts, and Micro Herbs


Best “Modernist” Dish Using Spiceology Maltodextrin


Chef Evan Gonzalez

“Fish Malto-stada”

Ahi Tuna / Crispy Maltodextrin “Tostada” / Burnt Lime / Manteca “Cotija” / Cilantro Crema Pipette


Best “All Ingredients in One” Dish Using Spiceology Urfa Biber Chile, Lavender, Vadouvan, Szechuan, Flake Sea Salt, and Maltodextrin


Chef Austin Carson

Sous Vide Szechuan Peppercorn Crusted Filet Mignon / Urfa Biber Demi Glace / Creamy Vadouvan / Lavender-Infused Honey Glazed Carrots / Micro Garlic Flower Powder



There were so many incredible dishes entered into our contest this year, making it extremely difficult to choose just one winner for each category. So we wanted to additionally recognize and celebrate the runner up of each of the categories. Spiceology has decided to give them all Spice Makeovers as well – congrats, Chefs!


by @PeasantEATZ

Mini Maryland-Style Crabcakes w/ Urfa Biber Chile Aioli 




by Sucrose Kitchen

“Honey Lavender Cake”

Lavender Cake / Honey Cream Cheese Buttercream / Honeycomb Candy / Garnished with Fresh Orchids



Chef Zoe Adelstein

Vadouvan Curry Fried Chicken / Roasted Fennel / Pickled Carrots / Pineapple Habanero-Infused Honey



Chef Ashruf El Safy

Sous Vide Bone-In Short Ribs / Szechuan Peppercorn Jus / Pomme Purée / Purple Sugar Snap Peas  / Toasted Sesame / Bok Choy / Alfalfa Sprouts



by Chef Edgar

Whole Roasted Corn / Shishito Cilantro Lime Aioli / Togorashi / Sea Salt 



Chef Anders Benton

Prosciutto and Melon / Vadouvan Yogurt / Herbs / Prosciutto Powder / Flaked Sea Salt



Chef Luis Rangel

Chicken with Vadouvan Marinade / Lavender / Szechuan Peppercorn / Urfra Biber Mole / Sesame Seed Oil Maltodextrin shaped in a Leaf / Fennel Tomato Salad with Sea Salt 



 Thanks to everyone who participated in the Spiceology Experiment with Flavor Contest! Don’t forget to check back to see who will be chosen as the Grand Prize Winner!

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