We did NOT have an easy time picking this Top 10 for the Barilla Best-Dressed Mac and Cheese Contest.

There were dozens upon dozens of quality submissions from chefs and cooks all around the United States and Canada. These finalists were selected by the Chef’s Roll and Barilla judges for a variety of reasons. Some for adding a special ingredient that sounded too good to miss, some for being wildly inventive, and some for looking just really, really damn delicious.

Voting will be open until the night of Sunday, January 28th.

On Monday, the 29th, the judges will announce their choice for Grand Prize winner, and the finalist with the most votes here will win the People’s Choice prize. You can see what’s up for grabs by clicking here. If the Grand Prize winner happens to also receive the most votes, then the entry with the second most votes will receive the People’s Choice prize.

Scroll through the options below and vote for your favorite.

And for everyone that entered but didn’t win, trust us we would have chosen (and eaten) all of your entries if we could have!

Thank you all! – The Chef’s Roll Team

[Attention: Due to a possible glitch and/or spamming, the vote tallies currently displayed are a misrepresentation of actual votes received. Once the contest ends, we will adjust the totals, counting only 1 vote per IP address. We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience.]

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