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Win A Trip To New Zealand!

Alliance North America Online Chef Contest Featuring Te Mana Lamb and Pure South Handpicked Venison

Registration for this contest has now closed.

Attention North America (US and Canada) based chefs: Register below for a chance to receive free samples and compete to win an epic culinary trip to New Zealand and more!

In the Alliance North America Online Chef Contest, featuring Te Mana Lamb and Pure South Handpicked Venison, chefs will register to compete using the form below. During registration, chefs will get to choose whether they would prefer a sample of Te Mana Lamb, or Pure South Handpicked Venison. After the registration period closes on April 27th, Alliance North America will contact everyone who is chosen to compete!

If selected, you will be shipped a sample of the premium product you chose, and will be expected to use it in the creation of a dish showcasing the beauty  & quality of these incredible proteins alongside your culinary talents and inspiration. In order to enter, you will be required to post a hi-res, high-quality photo of your dish onto your public Instagram account, tagging the brand partners and using #puresouthNAchefcontest 

Once the entry deadline has been reached, the judges will select the prize winners!

Page outline:

  1. Registration
  2. Prizes
  3. Timeline
  4. Featured Product Information



Cooking Inspiration from Chef Mikel Anthony:


Grand Prize: Best Overall Entry

    • $500 cash
    • All-expenses paid trip to New Zealand in 2021 to see first-hand where this incredible product is raised! The adventure begins in Queenstown, the capital of New Zealand. Our winning chef will be toured around gorgeous properties around Central Otago & Queenstown Lakes District with multiple opportunities to cook. You will be inspired every day!

Winner: Best Te Mana Lamb Dish

      • Kudu Grills Inferno package

The KUDU Inferno Package includes their award-winning KUDU grill as well as a grill cover, smoker lid, fire rings, grilling tongs and coal claw. Product details may be found here

Winner: Best Hand Picked Venison

Note: Depending on whether a lamb dish or venison dish is picked as the Grand Prize winner, the second highest-regarded entry in that category will win the category-specific prize.

Contest Timeline

1. Registration – April 13 – 27 | Fill out the form below for a chance to compete!
2. Selection & Shipping – April 27 – May 11 | Alliance will select competitors to receive free samples and to compete.
3. Submissions – May 11 – June 1 | Create your dish and post it on social media using #puresouthNAchefcontest
4. Judging and Announcement – June 4th (Finalists), June 8th (Winners)


Te Mana Lamb

Te Mana means “food from heaven” and that is the perfect way to describe this incredible, one-of-a-kind New Zealand lamb. What makes Te Mana Lamb unique is it’s micr0-scale fat marbling and capacity for high levels of Omega-3. Aged for 21 days, Te Mana Lamb is extremely delicious, consistent, and versatile, retaining its shape and texture while cooking. 

Pure South Venison

Pure South Venison is free range and grass-fed on natural pasture. The Pure South livestock live a life free from distress resulting in tender meat packed with nutrients and unparalleled in taste. The product featured in this contest, Pure South Venison Boneless Short Loin is the most tender venison cut. Its dusky red colour and succulent flavour is a magnificent combination to enlighten the senses. Enjoy the natural taste of 100% New Zealand Pure South venison on your table.