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Win a trip to Vancouver in our Premium New Zealand Venison Contest

NOTE: The registration period has been extended. The new contest timeline is as follows:

  1. Registration (3 weeks): June 14- July 5th*
  2. Selection, Fulfillment, Entry: July 5th – Aug 1st
  3. Winner announcement: Wednesday Aug 4th

Attention US-Based Chefs: Register below for a chance to participate in “Four Seasons Cervena Venison Contest” sponsored by Alliance, who you may know from their beloved product Te Mana Lamb. Selected chef challengers will receive free samples and a chance to compete for some amazing prizes, including a trip to Vancouver, a Kudu grill, and a custom Chef Knife from Meglio!

A note from Alliance:

“Chefs, we want to be inspired by you!

“Our farmers take enormous pride in producing the finest venison in the world. They do this for one reason, so chefs like you have the best possible ingredients to create magnificent dishes that thrill diners, and make them fall in love with what they eat. 

“We can’t wait to be inspired by what you create. “

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Register below by July 5th to be one of the chefs selected to receive free samples of Venison and let your imagination take the lead as you use your delivery to create your own dish. A select number of registrants will be chosen to receive samples, based on available sample quantity. For this contest select chefs can choose one of three cuts of Four Seasons Cervena quality Venison; 2 rib rack, tenderloin, or 95% lean ground.
  2. After making a dish, upload an irresistible photo of your creation to your public Instagram account by July 25th, showcasing the venison and your culinary ingenuity. Just tag @pure_south_north_america and use #fourseasonsvenisoncontest.
  3. The Chef’s Roll judging panel will review all entries and select three winners of the prizes listed below on or around July 28th!

Prompt from the judges: “We are not really looking for highly stylized formal dishes — rather we are looking for imaginative dishes that people want to eat. Here’s one of our favorite examples:


Registration has now closed


Vancouver, BC – 3 night trip included in Grand Prize Package


  • 2 Roundtrip airfares to Vancouver 
  • 3 night hotel accommodations 
  • 3 Restaurant Dining Experiences
  • Chef’s Roll Apparel Chef Coat and Apron
KUDU Blaze Package + Steven Raichlen’s BBQ Bible + a Kudu Rotisserie – Part of the 2nd prize

2ND PRIZE: Kudu Grill “Blaze Package” + MORE

  • Award-Winning Kudu Grill
  • KUDU Grill Cover
  • KUDU Smoker Lid
  • Steven Raichlen’s BBQ Bible
  • Kudu Rotisserie
  • Chef’s Roll Apparel AP Flour Coat
1-of-1 Meglio Knife featuring custom engraving


Chef’s Roll Apparel Chef Coat – Actual prize may not be exact design pictured


1. Registration – June 14 – July 5 | Fill out the form above for a chance to join the challenge!
2. Selection, Shipping, & Submissions – July 6 – July 25 | Challengers are selected to receive samples & compete. After samples are received, create your dish and submit it via Instagram using #fourseasonsvenisoncontest, and tagging @pure_south_north_america.
3. Winners Announced – July 28


Four Seasons venison is melt-in-your-mouth tender. It’s mild and delicate, with a refined richness and subtle sweetness; an exceptional protein that fits perfectly with an unbelievably wide range of traditional and innovative culinary styles. Humanely raised to the highest Cervena quality standards, Four Seasons premium venison is free-range, grass-fed, no added hormones or steroids, GMO and antibiotic free, and under three years old when harvested. 

For this contest chefs can choose one of three cuts; 2 rib rack, tenderloin, or 95% lean ground. Entries using any of the cuts can win — what we are looking for is menu ready dishes that are innovative, appealing and efficient to execute. 

Note: Cervena is a quality standard for New Zealand farm raised venison. To qualify for for Cervena certification deer must be under three years old, grass-fed, free range, no added hormones or steroids, GMO free, transported and processed to strict standards. 

Click here for full contest rules