Announcing the winners of the Chef’s Roll + Barilla Pasta: “Best Dressed” Mac and Cheese Contest!

Grand Prize Winner

Evan Gonzalez – @SwagnerGonzalez

“Korean BBQ Pulled Pork • Fontina & Cheddar Mac • Napa Slaw • Toasted Pretzel Bun”

People’s Choice Prize Winner

Tatu Herrera – @Gastro_Joel

“Mac n Cheese Quesadilla – Mac-n-cheese with porkbelly and Cheetos dust in the inside of the Quesadilla. On the outside we have sriracha queso, green onions and queso fresco.”

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered this challenge. All of your dishes looked amazing!

A quick note about voting results. Displayed vote totals were compromised at one point by some sort of spam bot that registered thousands of votes for different contestants at a time – all originating from a single IP address. In calculating the final tallies, we only allowed 1 vote per IP address to count. Thanks for hanging in there with us as we dealt with this, and we apologize to anyone who got their hopes up for winning based on the spammed results. We’ve already taken steps to stop this from being able to occur in the future.

Final Voting Results:

you can see photos of all the finalists by clicking here.

Tatu Herrera – 858
Evan Gonzalez – 636
Michael England – 187
Ryan Peters – 123
Mandy Tanner – 116
Ryne Harwick – 85
@marias_chicago_kitchen – 77
Toni Elkhouri – 62
Oliver Tan – 37
Seung Min – 23

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