Miami | Alter

ALTER, is to alter your perception and that’s exactly what Chef Brad Kilgore achieves. Taking all the great aspects of fine-dining and changing people’s minds to a new philosophy. One where you can get fine-dining in a relaxed setting with some rock ‘n’ roll music in the background and at an affordable price point for a 5-course meal.
Located in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, ALTER welcomes you with its relaxed and intimate warehouse space where waiters in jeans greet you at the door; a bright neon pink light is a center piece in the distance; and the only art displayed in the room is on the intricately plated dishes that guests are savoring one bite at a time.

Sergey Kolivayko | Field Guide

Brad Kilgore is changing Miami’s underdog culinary scene and it has not been overlooked. Since its 2015 opening, ALTER has received multiple local and national accolades including Food & Wine Best New Chef 2016, receiving three James Beard semi-finalist nominations, and a four-star review from the Miami Herald.

Sergey Kolivayko | Field Guide

There is no questions that anything Chef Brad Kilgore and his team create is a memorable experience. A standout that leaves you day dreaming of your next encounter is the soft egg  (found in the enhancement section of the menu), with sea scallop espuma, truffle pearls and caviar – need we say more. Yet, its ever-changing menu makes every experience a new one, with constant new flavors and layers that will blow your mind.
While the Chef’s Roll team was in Miami, the team had the pleasure of stopping by. Below are just some of the many layers we experienced.

seared foie gras umemboshi veil, yogurt miso, cocoa nib, shiso

the fallen tree palm trunk, trumpet stump, twigs, moss, mud, fungi

smoked beet tartare whipped horseradish, dill, buckwheat, argon oil

bread & beurre sumac & dill seed crust, umami butter 

soft egg sea scallop espuma, truffle pearls, caviar

 fluke mosaic indian spices, tomato hollandaise, coconut, culantro