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Date & Duck Prosciutto Crostini

Crostini with duck prosciutto, young rocket, dates, Humboldt Fog cheese, and balsamic glaze.

TOOLS: Vollrath Induction

by Chef Mikel Anthony

This recipe is part of the Chef’s Roll Test Kitchen, in partnership with Vollrath.


Date & Duck Prosciutto Crostini


  •  1 ea. French baguette, sliced and toasted
  • 5-10 cloves Garlic, sliced thin
  • Humboldt Fog, crumbled
  • 1/2-1 cup Young rocket (arugula)
  • Balsamic glaze to drizzle
  • 2 cups Dates
  • 1 cup Prosciutto or duck prosciutto, diced. Speck, bacon, or guanciale is also fine.
  • 1/4 cup Balsamic vinegar


  1. Render prosciutto and dates and sauté for 2-3 minutes on medium heat. If using a fattier cut like bacon be sure to remove some of the rendered fat.
  2. Add garlic and sauté another 2-3 minutes.
  3. Deglaze with balsamic vinegar.
  4. Place date mixture on top of crostini and top with rocket and Humboldt fog crumbs.
  5. Drizzle with glaze.