Where is my profile?

We just launched this new version of Chefsroll.com on Sunday June 23rd, 2019 and are working to migrate all published profiles from the old website.

There have been significant changes to the profiles to make them more mobile friendly and easier to search and complete. All profiles will also now be free and there will no longer be “premium” profiles available.

We are working on putting in the custom urls that were present on the old website, i.e.: https://chefsroll.com/yourname to redirect to your new profile. So if you have your custom url on a business card or website, we are working to restore those. If you need priority in getting your profile migrated and your custom url active please fill out the form below and we will move you to the top of the queue. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Click here to see all the currently migrated profiles. If you see your profile you can login by resetting your password. Your profile is tied to your email address from your old profile. If you experience any issues getting into your account, please use the form below to contact us for assistance.